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Driving to SLC question

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I'm too cheap to pay for air fare for 6 people so I'm driving to SLC to ski Brighton, Solitude, Alta and one other maybe Snowbasin March 15 for Spring Break.

I'll be coming up on 191/6 from the south by Moab to Sandy. I just wondered what that road was like during that time of the year? Do I need to call to check on conditions are is it a pretty good road that time of year.

Also, I never been to Deer Valley, Park City, and Snowbasin. I have a hard time leaving big and little cottonwood canyon resorts. Which one do you recommend for some beginners and some advanced intermediates?
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Soldier Summit on 6, is the only place that should give you any trouble weather wise.

Be careful on 191, especially near Blanding. I can't tell you how many of my friends have been busted at road blocks there. They will set up a road block ahead sign and watch it through binoculars. Anyone that turns around gets the full body cavity search.
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Roadblocks are looking for drugs,people drinking, speeding or all the above? I am taking the family so probably only speeding.
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I drive the route from Moab to Sandy quite often in the winter, and it is usually no problem. Unless you hit a major blizzard, the only area of concern is Soldiers' Summit, which starts just north of Price. If possible, avoid driving it at night in any kind of bad weather. It is a good road and not a mountain pass with switchbacks, but it is isolated and wide open to the wind, and the trucks hall a$$ through there. We often drive part way and stay in Price, then go over in the morning. Unless you hit Provo/SLC rush hour traffic, it's only about 2 hrs from Price to the parking lot at Snowbird/Alta. Drive time from Moab to Sandy is about 3.5 hrs. Also, there are no gas stations between Green River and Price. Last chance is the truckstop on the interstate just west of Green River. When you get back on the interstate at Provo use the communter lane on the left. Those Mormons all speed, and you can usually do about 80 mph with no problem.
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