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How much room do Toe Warmers take up?

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I really have no room in the toe box to spare, but since getting my liners modified & boots blown out again, my toes get cold.

I know, I should "get Intuition liners and I'll never have cold feet again." I'd like to try the $1.00 approach first.
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I don't use them that often, but my boots are pretty snug and I never really notice the warmers, unless they fold up on me. They seem to fit nicely in the sort of "hollow" between my toes and where my foot really starts to gain thickness. If your boots are really snug, it might be hard to avoid having the things fold up, though.
I just bought my daughter some Boot Gloves after reading good things about them here, but it wasn't really cold enough to make it worthwhile to try them yesterday. I found them at a decent discount on Amazon.
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Toe warmers

I used toe warmers on Saturday and Sunday at Okemo where the temps were pretty brutal. I didn't even notice them after the first few minutes.... totally forgot they were there! My toes went from being frozen numb (and thus making my turns a little sloppy) to being deliciously warm and I was back on track!

You can wear them above your toes (my preference) or underneath. They don't take up too much room at all if worn above the toes. Mine didn't bunch up at all... i think they made a killing on toe and hand warmers this last weekend!

Under necessary conditions, I would highly recommend giving them a go. Definitely try the cheap approach first.
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Hey, invest a dollar and see!

I'd guess they are about 1/8 inch thick. I use them once in a while -- they are noticable at first but I quickly forget about them.
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I use them all the time. As the virtus said, they are a bit tricky to get them where you need them so they don't fold up while putting the boots on.

Once they are on, toast warm toes all day, and you don't notice them after a few minutes. I put them above my toes.

I just buy a bunch online, like 30-40 and get a discount for bulk, worth the 15-20 bucks. Resorts charge you like 2x as much.
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Good for you. The $1.00 solution works. If your liners fit - why ask for more?
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I've been using them from time to time lately, which leads to my:

Relatively pointless complete agreement with all previous posts in the thread. Put them on top of your toes (in front of the foot knuckle, or whatever that's officially called) and you won't even know they're there. You do have to be slightly careful to keep them in place when sliding your foot in, but it's not a big deal.

One negative is that when my boots are fully buckled, they don't produce much heat. Presumably that's because they're not getting any air. When I pop the bottom two buckles open (which is a comforting thing to do from time to time anyway), they produce a nice surge of heat.
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