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Daughter's Demo report - All Mountain quest

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Firstly, thanks to this forum for providing me with plenty of background information for the search phase. I thought I would try to contribute back by giving a bit of a trip report on the demo day.

My daughter is 17yo (5'6" 150lbs ish) and has been skiing since she was 3, in the Alps (Verbier, Chamonix), in Colorado and here in the East. She is about to go off to college (maybe Boulder). She got "the last pair of boots Dad is going to buy you" last year, and for her birthday this year we decided to similarly update her skis. She skis anything and everything well and I want her to have a set that will enable her to have fun and stay safe as she pushes the envelope independently.

After reviewing the demo-list with the feedback in this forum, we decided to focus on: Hurricane, Tornado, Monster & AC30. The store had some women's skis, but nothing that really looked like it would cut it so we concentrated on unisex in the 163-165 range.

I had read that the Volkl's were a bit unforgiving, so we decided to try those last (when she would be tired and more likely to make mistakes).

Hurricane: These felt "fine", and watching her head down the mountain, she looked OK but didn't really stand out. They were skis and she was skiing them, but there wasn't much synergy going on. They looked pretty wide-waisted, so maybe they need more deep snow to show off their capabilities.

Tornado: These felt "much better" - and it showed up in her style as she zipped around the mountain. She seems to like a narrower waist.

Monster i78: (78 was all the store had. I was intrigued by these as I liked what I had read and would have bought these if I was forced to pick a pair "cold", although I would have been interested to see her on the 82). She again "liked the control" but found them "slower than the Tornados". This seemed to refer to acceleration as opposed to top speed, as she seemed to be able to get there without too much difficulty (measured against me). Dad points out the advantages of this sort of speed profile on really steep stuff, daughter agrees ;-)

AC30s: "Wow, I REALLY like these"....and they really seemed to make her skiing come alive. I got her to try to ski sloppily (or as best she can), but still no problems. So that was the choice. In the face of her ability to get in tune with the ski, we felt it had to be the one.

So there we have it.....hope this helps someone else.
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Once again Volkl seems to be the ski of choice.

There's a reason so many of us buy them.
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