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sth 14 vs deadbolt 15

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So which would you rather have considering weight, construction, effectiveness, and price? They are being mounted to a 179 all mountain twin tip with a 90" waist.

Salomon sth 14 ($170) vs 4frnt deadbolt 15 ($220)

I have the deadbolt 12 its a really sweet binding except for I live in southern california and no one specializes in the install of 4frnts. It took me a week to find a store that would touch them.
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well, which do you like more, Salomon or Tyrolia. That's really the question. It's a matter of personal choice. Personally, I like the sth16 toe better than the 14. I like Salomon heels better than tyrolia heels. But I like Look better than either choice
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