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"old" 10.20

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I have a pair of older Atomic 10.20's that I bought in Dec. 1999 (sort of pinkish). At the time they were the top of the betaride line. I have enjoyed them quite a bit, using them both out west (mostly Utah) and here in New England - although they are heavy suckers to carry around. How much difference is there between these skis and the new 10.20s and 11.20s? Not really ready for new skis (my wife assures me), but have a hard time resisting the shiny new ones in the shop.
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You have the original BetaRide 10.20. Your ski shared the exact construction to the BetaRace 10.26 of the same year. In each Beat lobe was a wood core, wrapped in densolite. Then a titanium cap was put on. The following year, the Ride 10.20 and the Race 10.22 replaced the wood core with hollow titanium tubes (Powerchannels) and wrapped these in densolite. Again the titanium top sheet was used. For this season, the Ride 10.20 and the 11.20 became 2mm wider (people get wider with age, why not skis?). Also, the Beta lobes are now larger and further the the outside (B4) , and have new riser plate called Chassis . The 10 now has carbon fibre powerchannels, and the 11 has the titanium. Both now have a new material called texalium as the top skin. It is woven fibreglass impregnated with aluminum.

The newest versions are much lighter than the original, yet maintain the torsional rigidity of the original. Refinements have made better skis, and you should try them if you get a chance. Well, maybe you shouldn't try them, since you might be sleeping in the dog house when you decide to get a new pair.
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I bought my 10.20's in Feb. 2000. I thought they were the originals. They are orange with the gray and black tip.
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I quess they are orange. More of a salmon really. I love them except when I have to carry them a long way.
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OK salmon it is, a dark salmon. I guess they are kinda heavy, but I don't notice this at all when I'm skiing. Carrying them both together you notice the weight, but once you put one on each foot they don't seem as heavy. I still love mine and aren't ready to part with them yet.
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Someone called the shop tonight and asked for the 10.20 EX. I didn't have any. what are these?
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The 10.20 EX is a top secret ski. How he ever found out is beyond me. I've got some calls and E-mails into the head office to find out who leaked the info. But since its in the open...

The 10.20 EX is a very expensive package, combining the Beta Ride 10.20 and the Beta Ride 10.EX including bindings. The buyer gets 2 pair of skis. Retailers should be getting a notice that to sell the package, they are to charge 20% more than individual pairs, as compensation for the annoying questions.

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