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it's coming

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Take heart, friends. Ski time is near. Our crazy world has taken some kooky twists and turns lately. I'm sure I'm not alone in seeking that which is truly and profoundly important.

Breathe deeply of the spirit of the land. Immerse yourself in the passion of whatever you're doing.

Allow yourself to be inspired. Clear your mind of unnecessary clutter so creativity and awareness can emerge. Commit to 10 minutes of quiet time each day where all you do is consciously breathe in and out.

Free your mind by emptying it's contents in this manner. Gently nudge outside thoughts aside. Meditate. That which is fundamental and necessary will remain and strengthen.

Give your body credit for what it already knows. Every answer to every question lies within you.

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I love to read your posts. They have a spiritual quality. Lets hope for an early and snowy season.


Ps. Are you near Fernie?
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