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Winter Park Discounts

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I've searched a little but have come up with nothing. Anyone know of discounts for Winter Park lift tickets?
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One I know of is find someone with a season pass. They can get you the "friends and family" rate. All that I know that do it normally charge like $10/ticket over that as a tip/compensation of sorts.

Season pass holders also get 4 $50 tickets to use at thier discresion.

There was a deal where you could get tickets for buying gasoline at select stations. I forget which ones. Someone else might chime in on that one.
post #3 of 4 click on the "list of 2008-09 offers" - it has a couple of $43 adult lift tickets for Winter Park.

There's also which may or may not be worthwhile if you were thinking of going elsewhere (Steamboat & Copper).

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Sweet. That was what I was looking for. Thanks TangoFiver!
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