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Toko Speed File

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Well, taking first steps in the ski maintenance game. I've gone and bought a Toko Speed File Guide with 89 degrees on one side and 88 degrees on the other. Trouble is I can't easily identify which is which. If I hold the guide such that the 88 is lying against the base (and hence invisible) does that mean I'm working with 88 degrees, or 89 degrees (since the 89 is visible)? The guy in the shop didn't know himself ...
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I think it is the SkiMan Quick Sharp Extra guide:

It's been a while since we carried these and I don't recall which side was which. You might try a Google search for instructions.

To test you can cut a small edge section (have an old ski?) with one side and then use a Sharpie to mark and an see whether or not the other side cuts more into the side edge (88°) or less (89°).
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That's the one, although in Toko yellow. The packaging had brief instructions, but (annoyingly) made no mention of which side was which. Will give your approach a go and that should cover it. Thanks.
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