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SkiLogs.com - keep an online ski journal.

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check out this new site i've been working on...


it's an online ski journal. it's a website where you can keep a ski diary to help you re-live your ski days... all you have to do is go skiing, login to the site, and start adding days to your personal online ski journal. once you add a day to your journal you can look it up whenever you want... that means you can re-live that epic month of pow all summer long or ten years down the road.

you can log whatever info you want about each day: where you went (resort/backcountry), how much fresh snow there was, if you went alpine, tele or snowboard, what runs you skied, etc... give your ski day a title and score if you want, add some personal notes, then add it to your journal. you can even add pictures, links, and your own custom backcountry locations to your journal.

once you've added a bunch of days you can search and sort your days and build all kinds of reports... if someone asks you which day of the week the most pow fell last january, you can look it up and show them something like this:

it's a lot of fun and it's a lot easier than you think... go skiing and check it out!
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Hi Ed. How many people do you have keeping journals on SkiLogs? I notice that all the journals are private, so its hard to gauge the site activity. Do you guys ever plan to publish summary stats on member activity?
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I'm gonna make one in a month when I get to go skiing again.

Sounds cool from your description, though. Haven't tried it yet.
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there are 80 members.

42 different people have logged days in 48 different locations for a total of 450 days.

everything is currently pretty private, tho there is a community stats page:


some people have expressed an interest in making things more public... maybe being able to share your journal and add public notes to your days that other people can view.

i like the idea, but would like to get a little more feedback first...
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Any thoughts on making this a facebook app?
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people have asked about that... i've never used facebook and am not terribly anxious to.
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+1 for a facebook app. That's a really great platform for sharing this kind of information. In fact, you can keep doing the site the way you are, but just make a facebook app that interfaces with your database. And it's a surefire way to make the site known - once a few people start adding the app, it's likely to spread fast.
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+2 for Facebook App. This journal idea would be a very popular application and I'm sure hundreds (probably thousands) would soon be using it. FB is not just for youngsters with too much time on their hands anymore. Either way, I plan to sign up!
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thanks for the feedback guys...

i guess i'm going to have to look into creating a facebook app. it looks easy enough.

anyone care to explain/suggest exactly how it might work?

would i be making my entire site accessible thru facebook or just certain pages that are designed to be displayed over there?? i've never used facebook.

what would you like to see??
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fresh snow bump...
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Originally Posted by jahroy View Post
anyone care to explain/suggest exactly how it might work?
There are lots of ways to do it, with varying levels of integration. But the main thing is that you'd create an interface (usually flash or something similar) that runs within the facebook page as an embed and has access to the Facebook API.

The real advantage to doing this is in the ability to rapidly grow the user base. As a user adds an application, their friends are notified. when a few of them add the app, their friends are notified, etc. This can mushroom faster than you might imagine.

You can also do things like post a notice that a user as added a new trip report, which the friends could get a notification of, and then go look at. All of this just serves to drive users to the application by gently reminding them that the app is there. you just don't want to be pushy about that or you'll turn people off.

the thing to do is get an account and use Facebook for a couple weeks to see how it works. and to not be too aggressive with pushing out announcements or making people invite their friends.

I think you've got a killer idea for a facebook app, actually.
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Originally Posted by Reisen View Post

Any thoughts on making this a facebook app?

Just got done adding a bunch of new features to the site.  There are now buttons all over the place that allow you to share different things on Facebook

The Community Stats Page also has all kinds of cool new stuff on it.  You can now read about other members' ski days if they choose to make the public.

If you have an awesome ski day and want to share it with your friends, you can now email them a link or share it on your Facebook Wall:

Mammoth Day Trip - October 17th 2009

You can even share your entire Ski Journal on Facebook (at least the public days) or you could post a link to all the public days at one mountain on your wall:

Public Ski Days By jahroy

Public Ski Days at Squaw Valley

You can basically share anything you can find on the Community Stats Page, which is hopefully about to get real interesting as this season gets rolling.  We're already getting about 1 ski day per day and there are barely any mountains open!

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mid-season bump...
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