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Head Xeon XI 8.0

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after looking in the ski shop and looking on line, i have a ?? about the Head Xenon XI 8.0 ski......their site says for anyone, anywhere....or something to that effect for skill level and terrain. Does anyone here have these? Im 5'10" 185lbs, and an intermediate who has not been on skis for 20 yrs, used to the straight skis..... just curious how much bs is put into the ads for the skis....Thank you
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I have also asked about the Xi8 but not very much response here.

It seems to me that you really don't see many intermediate skiers here commenting about Head skis. Maybe I just missed them.

Here is a quote from a (ski school, coach, trainer, program), based
in Colorado about the Xenon Xi8 skis.

"Wow! So much fun in such an easy-performing package. This versatile performer will carve on groomers, nimbly negotiate moguls, and surf along in the ungroomed, all without demanding too much effort or speed. A real hit for a wide range of abilities. Wood, Aircore fiberglass & LiquidMetal construction."

At their price! I would like to try some.

Demo! Demo! Demo!
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