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J1 Super G Skis

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Hey all, I am looking into getting a set of Super-G Skis as my mountain doesn't have enough USSA J1/2 (men) legal Super G Skis, the 2 pairs they DO have are being used by the J3's for a super G earlier on in the same week I need them, which gives me no time to get a feel for them, and that is a problem as I have never been on a pair of Super G Skis.
Now, I got home from the hill today and started browsing on ebay, found a set of Elan 2004/2005 World Cup FX Super G skis that have ~23 runs on it. They are length 206cm and have a radius of 33m. Will these be USSA (for J1/2) Legal? or would I need to get other skis. They are $125+shipping so I could afford them myself (without my parents helping to pay). Will these be an OK super G Ski for me? I am 5'6", I generally use the minimum length, but is the extra 6cm going to make a huge difference?

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I don't remember you being 5'6" a year and a half ago... but maybe my memory is bad. Yes, regardless of waist width, they will be legal for you and your Gore shenanigans. FIS width requirements won't be in place for USSA races until 2010-2011. As for the extra length, the length doesn't matter much when it is that little of a difference. What you should be looking for in your speed skis is proper flex, and from what I know, Elans are on the softer side. If you have more questions, just ask me on facebook.
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Also, I would change the bevels on those to 1* and 3*, 1/2* base bevel is a bit risky on speed skis.
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well it's 1 base 2 side, i'd chage it to 3 side 1 base cause that's what everything i own is lol, i may be trying a 4 on my old SL skis just to fool around some heh

and LOL i'm 5'6" :P

the guy who i'm buying from says that they are a little softer, and his son was my size when he used them and had no trouble so
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