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New to Site - Are Salomon Falcon Race & Falcon X-lab the same?

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Hi, new to the site...good stuff.

36 year old male
Ski raced during 80’s early 90’s and advance aggressive skier in all terrain.
Father of four, and cheap

In 1994, my father bought me some ski boots for my birthday. I purchased the TNS AVS Fibertech and enjoyed skiing it for 10+ seasons. I usually wouldn’t have kept a boot so long, but we lived away in TX, and I wasn’t able to ski much. Last year I replaced a couple buckles and tried to give them one more year. My brother and friends said I was crazy, but I wasn’t willing to pay for new boots, plus I hate finding new boots.

Anyway, after wearing my brother’s Head World Cup 103M ti, I realized how foolish I have been, and what I was missing out on. I found my edges again, and my skis came alive...I was blown away by the performance change, and I was laying the skies down at crazy speeds, and accelerating out of the turn, just like a few years back. I felt 25 all over again.

I’ve been to several boot shops and a couple fitters.

One of them looked at my feet and brought out three boots.

Atomic RT ti 150 – Instep a bit low, but could be grinded
Salomon X-lab 3 – best fit
Nordica Supercharger Blower – nice, but not as low volume as Salomon/Atomic

He wanted $1,400 for the X-lab/orthodics/fitting!!! I liked the X-lab 3 best, but questioned if I wanted a plug boot for everyday skiing (and skiing w/ my 3 younger boys all under 9 yrs).

I went shopping on line, and found plenty of Atomics for reasonable price, and I nearly purchased the Blower, which I liked a lot. I steered clear of Atomic simply because I couldn't find any to try on besides Mr. Rip off that quoted them around the same price as the X-Lab 3. I also questioned whether I wanted an "everyday" plug. Considered looking at the "CS", but I couldn't find any....so it came down to the Blower, until I tried on the Salomon Falcon 10.

My brother skis the Salomon Impact Pro, so I decided to do more searching on Salomon.

I tried on the Salomon Falcon 10, and really liked the fit, but it only has a 110 stiffness, and I wonder if I’ll want more. My brother’s Heads allow one to change stiffness from Soft to Hard, probably about 100 – 120 ( but I don’t know).

My question(s) is this…

I’ve read that the Falcon Race is the same fit as the F10, but 10% stiffer at 120 flex. Is the Falcon Race the same boot as the Falcon XLab 2? Or is it it’s own boot, is it a plug boot? I know the X-Lab 2 & 3 is a plug.

I didn't mind the flex of the Head M105r ti when I had it set to stiff, and I didn't mind the soft setting too much. How do these Salomon's compare?

How I understand it…

Falcon X-Lab 3 – replaced the X-lab 2
Falcon Race – is this a boot or is it another name for the Lab
Falcon 10 – same as Race @ 110 flex, minus lifts, spoiler, etc.

Falcon Impact Pro – similar to Falcon’s but wider, more padding, etc.

Sorry for the long post, but I’m hoping for some feedback. Thanks a lot!

Other Info:

Home Mountain – Snowbird
Favorite Mountain – Snowbird
Favorite Resort – Alta/Sundance/Snowbasin – They keep ruining SnowbirdL

Favorite conditions – Packed powder and as steep as possible – Snowbird has a dozen or so turns that meet this criteria. If I can’t have this run, I follow the best snow on the mountain over the course of the day, whether it’s moguls, powder, etc….makes no difference.
Happy Skiing, and pray for more snow!!!
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Just read this thread...


It helped, but still have questions about what the Falcon Race is. Is it the Lab/Plug, or something else. I'm only intrigued, because if it's the same as the F10, but 10% stiffer, it maybe perfect.

I did try the F10 in a store, so at 70 degrees, it's sure to be softer.

I'm 6', 165 and I hit it hard!
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