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Some advice on ski choice please

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Hi all. I put this in the gear forum originally but after getting to know the site better I'm more of a beginner anyway so I figured I'd move the whole thing here and plead for some help from the pro community. I'm going to paste most of what I said there with a few changes that I decided upon after further research here and there. All opinions would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I'll start with a fact sheet.

Physical stats: Male, 23 years old, 6' tall, 250lb
Skiing experience: Going for about 6 years now in which time I've done a little of everything. Using the levels guide topic on this forum I'm at level "7 - open parallel, skiided turns". I usually do blues mostly because I find them more fun but I go down blacks and double blacks once or twice per trip just for the heck of it. I avoid moguls because I'm just not a huge fan.
Location: I live in New Jersey and ski mostly in Pennsylvania (Blue Mt., Camelback, etc...) and I'll probably start making trips up to Vermont because I managed to get a few more people into the sport.

So on to the heart of the matter, the skis. I went to the local ski shop (Pelican) to take a look at what they have and get some advice on what I should get. Putting into consideration what I learned there and what I learned here I figured the Volkl AC20, Fischer Red Heat or some equivilent is what I'm looking for. I'm going for a size somewhere in the 168 to 171 area. I was going to try to demo these ski's but the mountains here don't seem fond of the idea so I may end up buying blind.

As I said, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Maybe you should widen your search to 168-180 on length. Being as your tall.

What type of ski are you looking for? All mountain, powder type ski?
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I'm looking for an all mountain ski at the moment because the majority of times I ski I'm on groomed mountains. I don't plan on doing deep powder anytime soon just because I don't feel close to ready for it. What I am hoping for mostly in the not too distant future is to move into a nice pair of race skis like the Volkl Racetiger RC.
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Perhaps in the hart ski's you could look at a pair of hart attacks. They are an all mountain ski that are fairly aggressive.

I cannot really suggest anything other than hart products, due to my lack of knowledge in other products.

They are pretty spiffy looking and have an aggressive name. You should be pretty quick in them as well. I think for someone in our skill level as beginners, we should really look for a good all around ski, instead of have multiple weapons in are arsenal.

I am buying a carving ski, but that's what I want to do, nice big ole wide sweeping turns, or quick and short if you want. Sports car handling, but rides like a Buick. =)
If your interested in maybe an all mountain carver, then check out the Pulse.
They have a sweet top sheet design, and let me tell ya. They are super fast. whoa. Faster then I need to go, I found out first hand.

The hart reviews are a bit far in between. But phil has reviewed all the prototypes for the hart ski's.
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Two things about the suggestions. I like the Pulse but the Attack is a bit too fat for what I'm going for. The other thing is I have no idea where to find Hart skis. There are no shops around here that have them and I seem to be having trouble finding a site that sells them. The closest store to me that sells them seems to be about 3 hours away.
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If you find something you like. You can PM me and I can get you in touch with somebody who can tell you more about them then me.

Hart is an old company, but they are just starting out again.

Thanks for the suggestion too. Maybe I should talk to my rep about making a websight.
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I'm a level 7 skier, 6'5", 210 lbs and I ski the Volkl AC20 in a 177 and I love it. However having said that, at your weight you might find yourself overpowering the AC20's a bit so you may want to look to the AC30 maybe in a 170 or possibly a 177 for a bit more stability since they have some metal in the core. Just a suggestion...
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You are right about the larger size I think. I have been looking at a 177 as well because I am, well, fat. I was told that the Fischer Red Heat or the Atomic Nomad Bluemoon would be best for me to advance from my current level. This years models at least are supposed to be better than the current AC20, but this years models are very expensive. I've been trying to figure out if the Bluemoon's especially are any different from last years model which is half the price.
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I can't speak from experience but I've heard really good things about the Fischers.
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Fischer skis are excellent; there are no brands of bad skis. There are many, many inappropriate skis for any individual skier, including many Fischers. I prefer Fischer and Head, and for sure, in a model and size that suit the skier's ability, skiing style, height, and weight.

Are modern Hart skis the same old company, or just a recycled brand name? Not that there's anything wrong with them, but past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

For the best ski reviews I've found, Peter Keelty's realskiers subscription site is $20 very well spent. From his reviews of the skis one can produce a demo list or shopping list of skis very likely to suit any individual skier. It's worked for me.
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The hart ski's are very very nice! They are super light and they performed anything I could make them do with my skill level. I ski'd on a set of Stage 1's, which is the pulse. The more you lean, the more you turn, and they dont break free. Well, they break free if you lean to far and land on your hip, then they still try and turn you around.

Check this out here, kinda like a mission statement. They are trying to revive what the original founder envisioned. Great quality, hand made, and made here in the US.
I'm all about the harts. They are beautiful skis. The top sheets are awesome! Even in the boring ole prototypes, the colors still just jump out at you! I think all in all, you'll get what you pay for, hands down.
If your interested PM me, I'll set you up with somebody.
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