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SG Ski for J3?

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What do Jr. racers ski on for SG events? My kid tips the scales at about 125lbs and is about to have a first SG experience. Would a pair of adult level GS skis be too much to handle? I can't see plunking down several hundred bucks for a once-or-twice a year pair of skis.

Any of you know what it commonly used?
Thanks for any replies.
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I hate to hedge this with "it depends", but that's the case. Depending on where you're located, you may have a race/tuning shop that has junior SG skis to rent for events {or the season}. They're normally maintained in perfect shape. If you son is involved in a fairly good sized program, perhaps affiliated with a ski academy, there may be a few loaners available through school as well. My son used an adult 184 GS as a FY J3, but it was back before the skis had as much shape and sidecut. That was 2001, and the skis were a real good pair of "experienced" WC GS skis. Deflex plates, etc. We searched real hard for them. They were probably a 1997-8 ski, and a big woman's ski.

When I say "it depends", depending on your region, the J3 sets can vary quite a bit based on the SG experience of the kids. In the East, SG experience starts in the J3 years, and the sets tend to control speed, and be geared to developing skills. Getting kids used to the bigger turn shape, trusting the downhill edge, absorbing terrain, etc. But still, they have a lot of turns. Last year I remember watcing a bit of a J3 SG race, and thinking that the set of the FIS GS that I'd seen a couple of weeks earlier was more open, and faster....other than the fact that the SG ran doen the hill through a long flat to the finish.

A shaped GS ski can be a bit problematic depending, again, on the actual event. By the time JO's rolled around my son was on a 193-4 SG ski, and it was a good thing. He'd had quite a bit of training, and the JO set was much more like a "real" SG than he had seen before. A number of kids hooked up badly, and had rough crashes using skis with a fair amount of shape. His second year, he was on a 201 SG for the bigger events (which he also used as a FYJ2). He was also on a 181 GS that year. He was able to forerun a number of FIS SG's as a 2YJ3.

My son was bigger than your's, but his smaller friends were on similar set-ups for the most part. My daughter's 3 years younger. She started as a J3 on a 182ish SG ski, which was a HORRIBLE ski. She then moved right away to a 182 Women's WC GS ski, which had a ton of metal it in, and VIST plates. It had a much narrower shovel than today's GS skis. Was probably a 2000-2 design. Worked pretty well, but I remember at least once when she stomped on the downhill ski and hooked right out of the course. She was on a 190ish SG ski the next year, which was great at JO's, and when she foreran, but in at leat one SG race, she was advised to use her GS skis.

I would start by asking his coach about the event, and about what to ski on. Is there a training or "camp" component? That would be the best source of direction, IMO. If you feel that you do need to buy a pair of used SG skis, you should be able to sell them when you're done with them, and not lose much money. I think you should be able to find a pair on short notice.

Last issue is comfort level on the skis. That's where you and the coach are the best judges. It might be that based on the event, the best choice might even to be to stay on his GS skis. That might be exactly the wrong decision as well. Generally these first J3 experiences should be about building skills, having fun, and getting the toe wet. They're all about safety as well, by the way.

Where are you? I might have some ideas/suggestions. Hope your son has a blast!
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Atomic and rossignol for sure made a SG ski for this very purpose. I think even at 125 lbs. he should be on a speedski.

Atomic made a 195cm SuperG ski. Keep in mind many of the female J1 & J2 don't weigh more the 125lbs and are on a speed skis in SG/DH

Sg/Dh skis are tuned differently (A bit more base bevel in the tip) normally have a much softer lower tip and are provide a different ride then a long (usually too stiff) GS. And as Muleski has said, te 21M-24M radius of a GS ski in the length you are probably going to use could be very dangerous.

Our tema had a bevy of SG/Dh that past racers had donated to the club and were available for SG?Dh for kids that did not have the appropriate ski.

do a google search gor Atomic 195cm super G ski. there are a number of hits. A pair avaialble on craig's list with bindings for $400.00 (ya might be alble to get 'em cheaper)

good luck, go fast, be safe & have fun
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