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Bode Fans: It Could Happen

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Despairing that your guy has no shot at the Cup? Don't be so sure. Here's my takeaway from this weekend's racing.

Svindal is not the man he was at Beaver Creek. Don't know what's going on there. Is he dialling back for the Worlds?

Albrecht is inconsistent.

Janka is not ready.

Cuche may be on a downward spiral in speed events; he looks very good in GS, though.

Grange is a serious point machine in two, maybe three events.

Raich is the best GS skier right now, and very dangerous in slalom. I don't see the progress in Super-G, though.

All of which is to say it's wide open. On that list above, there's not one guy who's going to score big points across the board, except maybe Grange, who's got a lot to prove still in speed. The Cup winner this year will have far fewer points than last year's winner, given the spread in the field. This favors Bode, who has the ability (like Raich and a healthy Svindal) to storm into a weekend and take 200 or 250 points in three races.

Also, Bode is not only the one guy to have podiums in both DH and slalom this year. He's the only one capable of doing it again. With Grange, Raich and non-Cup contenders fighting for slalolm points (and Bode anyway picking up a few of his own), Raich needs to make a lot of hay in GS to keep ahead of the speed specialists - Bode, Cuche, Svindal. Of those three, Bode is the most on-form. It could happen.

Of course, he's injured. Hasn't been the same since crash. And God knows what he wants out of the season, one minute he says he wants to win the DH cup, next minute it's the SL World Championship. But I thought that last year he went into the season not expecting to win, didn't see any daylight in the early going because Svindal was so strong, and then changed course when the Norwegian went down. No one changes course more easily than Bode. If he senses an opening, who's saying he can't do it.
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Umm. Cancel what I said about Svindal.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post
Umm. Cancel what I said about Svindal.

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Not to be a spoiler or anything, but he looked awfully good in the Super G today. That was an interesting course, pretty much everyone got hung up midway through. Svindal did not.
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Bode will really have to turn his season around to be in contention for the overall... and a few others would have to really screw their seasons up. I don't see it happening, even though he is skiing very well in speed as of late (think he has been turning in some of the fastest training runs at Kitz). What is more impressive is the overall strength of the Swiss ski team... although they don't seem to be much for super-g.
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Well, my original point was that the depth of the competition this year might mean that like 800 or 850 points would be enough to win the Cup and that Raich doesn't score points in enough events. But if Mr Svindal decides he's ready to return to stud status, all bets on Bode are off.
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Based on the remarks in his dairy at universalsports.com, it sounds like the "it" that could happens is that he could retire.
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