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Some wide try-ons

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I've been in the Nordica K9.1 for a few years and am gradually thinking about a successor. Yesterday I tried on the Nordica Speedmachine 14, Doberman 130, Atomic RT CS130 and also a pair of Fischers (black and yellow, might have been the Comp 110) and a Lange 120.

My impression was that the Speedmachine was comfortable, in a lot of ways matching the fit of my old K9.1's. The heel seems to pinch a bit more, though. I thought it seemed softer than the K, though the shop was pretty warm.

I doubt the Doberman would give me an all-day fit though it was more comfortable than I thought.

I liked the feel of the Atomic, though I thought the stance was very aggressive and wondered whether I'd be happy skiing bumps or powder in a stance like that. Even though the Atomic 27 is shorter than the Nordica (314 vs 315 mm), it somehow had a longer feel to it; my foot is short and wide.

My plan is to go back and try the Speedmachine side-by-side with my K to see about the stiffness.

Any other boots I should try? Salomon Falcon CS Pro? Head Raptor Supershape RS?
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Hi Prickly,

You mention you are in a 315 / 27.0 shell, what size shoe to you normally wear---(you mention your foot is short and wide)?

cped/master bootfitter
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I wear anything from a 43 1/2 to 44 1/2. Usually 44. 44.5 for sneakers. Roughly 10/10.5 US.

My current shell is 315/27.5, though the shell is identical to the 27. Bought a 27 on sale (to have an extra shell) but couldn't use the liner as it was too tight.
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salomon impact

lange fluid

best to find a good bootfitter, and see what is close. Just about any boot, for any skier, will need some fine tuning, and someone that can make a 90% boot 100% is better then buying a 95% boot.
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