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Canting - what is too much?

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I have just had Head 120RS fitted. Shell fit is 3/8" to fit low volume foot and small ankle. Not much punching required to get fore-foot width and now a nice snug fit.

I have had cuff alignment done - left cuff moved in 2 degrees (max for boot).

After skiing them in for 5-6 days, I had an assessment done with a Level 4 Trainer and he agreed that I am not getting the edge I should get for the movement he can see in my ankles and legs.

Boot alignment check followed which discovered that I need 3 degrees fat side out on both boots. As this is considered a rather large adjustment we decided to start with 2 degrees on each foot.

Two days skiing and I can definitely get far more edge with far less effort than I used to. More training and another assessment and the advice is that I need to have more on the left foot. Trying 2.5 degrees tomorrow morning with another assessment.

I have been told by an osteo/ chiro that I have a 2 degree tilt in my pelvis which affects the angles in my femurs which has knock on effects all the way down my legs.

Question is: Is 2.5 degrees (or maybe even 3 degrees) fat side out on both feet risking my knees?

I am getting another opinion from a Level 4 trainer who is also one of the most respected boot fitters here on Monday night but thought I may as well ask the expert forum here as well.

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2 degrees "in" is the max I use. You can go "out" more than that, I've used up to 4 degrees for a very knock-kneed gal.

Anterior pelvic tilt can cause more femoral internal rotation and knock-kneed position. See if you chiro/osteo/physio can help unwind you a bit.

Do you have footbeds?

Were you measured in previous boots, i.e. how much is the new Head boot a factor in potentially changing your alignment for the worse?

How were you measured? Did the stance width during measurement realistically reflect your stance width skiing? Did you show your bootfitter some video of you skiing?

Lastly, try to test a pair of Fischers or Nordicas with "toe out" alignment (disclaimer: no affiliation with either company) and have your current trainer watch you. These boots may help to minimize your canting requirements.
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Old boots - never checked actually, but could not hold a strong right edge (LH turn) and had a worse left edge (RH turn).

I think everyone just assumed that I had had alignment checked so until now it had never really been considered.

I am taking the Kryptons (old boots) to be checked as well as I am keen to keep them as my free-skiing boots (rubber footboard absorbs landing shock well).

Alignment checked with very good foot beds (three opinions on the footbeds -all positive).

Edge angle and stance checked thoroughly by very good trainer (Interski team member) and left ski was not achieving same angles as right ski despite obvious effort in lower body.

Review/ second opinion tonight resulted in cuffs aligned out in order to roll foot inner edge in and 2.5 degree shims (fat side out) underneath to try tomorrow.

I am not sure on the maths but that should give me more edge than I had today which was the best edge I have had thus far. Early edge in turn, simultaneous edge/ ski movement, strong edge throughout turn and all with far less effort. Stemming that used to happen on RH turn (to try and get early edge with left ski) has disappeared.

As a 'non feeler' ie one who takes quite a while to get a new movement and feeling this is a phenomenal 'change' in a very short time.

So more training tomorrow morning with a trainer watching my skis/ edges and feet/ knees with each turn and I will see where we go.

On the osteo/ chiro avenue - I think I will see how it goes but do not think that there is anything major that could be released to create change in the short term. I will get alignment revued 2-3 times per season and see if there is any change or progress.

Thanks foe the advice and I will post my feedback on how tomorrow goes.
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