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great private lesson at The Canyons

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I just had a private lesson at The canyons
We spent the better part of the day working on fundementals and movement patterns. What a big difference once we got onto the rough stuff. everything feels so much more comfortable. The turns are rounder, and I feel like I can make my turns much more on demand and not being pushed around as much.
My instructer was Lyle and he did great job of explaining everything. He was suprised that I had read some of Joubert's work.

A Great lesson. and I know now I am making mostly level 9 Psia turns and movements. I just need to refine them more and learn to blend them together better.

In response to Ryan about points that stand out:

The biggest thing that sticks out is the tip to use my thigh to lead my turns. Not to think about which leg or foot is applying pressure, weight transfer or any of those things, but to let my body find it's best balance. I suspect this is kind of obscure and the tip is most likely not for everyone but it opened up a whole new dimension in my skiing. We also went over pole plants and primary movements.

The whole idea of not thinking about where pressure is being applied or percent of weight on the outside ski made a big difference. As my body began to balance and react to the centripical forces being applied, I found I could really create a great deal of edge angle with out pushing so hard on the cuff of the outside ski. My orthotic made it possible for me to just keep the pressure on without any other movement in my boots. The net result was no more pressure point that I had for a while, and not having to buckle my boots too tight and warmer feet.

More accurate Pole plants made it possible for the first time for me to feel quite at home in the trees. I was able to turn on a dime and snake my way through the trees.

The other part of this story is that I had originally booked 2 days of lessons. One for myself and one for some friends of mine. Lyle told me I could tag along for their lessons. I would not be the focus so I would not be really getting instruction but I could learn from the instruction they were getting.

I think I learned a great deal by observing the other lessons too. He explained to me from time to time what he was doing and how movements had a cause and effect. Very eye opening. Because the lessons were so good, the group ended up hiring Lyle for 2 hours every day of the week and I got to tag along the whole week. getting small pointers but watching the whole gang improve was the best part of all.

We ended our final lesson taking a run on ninety-nine ninety through the trees on very steep terrain. What a blast <FONT size="1">

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You didn't mention Lyle's last name. But, I assume you mean Lyle Stewart. Lyle was our Technical Director here at the Seven Springs Ski School, in western Pennsylvania, before moving out west to The Canyons via Park City.
He is a great instructor and just a plain nice guy.

Lyle is a strong supporter of PSIA and the customer centered aspect of the PSIA philosophy which you experienced. He put together a program within our ski school in which we clinic every day and he is responsible for coaching many instructors through the various levels of certification, including myself. He initiated our tradition of skiing the "ESSSs", a skidown first thing every weekday morning in which all of the instructors ski, one ski length apart, in "follow the leader" round, linked turns as a show for our guests at breakfast and an introduction to the ski school, exciting stuff.

Lyle is an instructor's instructor and we miss him here at Seven Springs.
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Yes, Lyle Stewart.
Several of the people on our trip have asked if we can go to the canyons again just to get his instruction. That's a good impression.
I'm sorry for your loss but then again very glad I got to ski with him.
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