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WTB Misc (poles/bags)

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Looking for a used, or new demo set of poles. Whatever, a nice pair of poles that will match my Fuelie Stage 1's. AKA, blue and black, or blue and white. 110 or 125 strait poles. I'd rather them not be aluminum, but if the price is right...
I'd prefer a new set, but like I saw in the atomic thread, they have some 110's for 15 dolla, but they commin from canada, so I am not going there. Looking for same type of deal though on poles but from somebody in US here. No offence other country people, just I am poor college student who needs some gear!

Looking for a blue and black ski bag, single, for my stage 1's and poles.
A darker blue please, not light blue, yuch. Trying to get color coordinated here.
A matching gear bag for boots and what nots would be good as well. Not looking for just a boot bag, Looking for a boot and goodies bag.

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If this post is legitimate, and not BS from a TROLL, you need to get your priorities in order. Consider QUALITY... not COLOR.

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Not trolling.
Quality is always important to me. =)
However, Being more new to this stuff, I'm only somewhat aware of the good brands.
But being as they are just bags, there is more lenience to the quality. Just always have to remember when buying things. "What does it do, and how well does it do this?"

Though quality is more important then color. I don't want the best bag in the world if its bright pink... make sense? I'm not going to be traveling all the time to ski anytime soon. So I need something to do the job, that I can possibly use for other things. I like items with dual purpose as well. Somebody just might have some old bag that's black, blue or both, and want somebody else to enjoy it. Well, that guy is me. =) Colors are also chosen for reason of dual purpose. Bright colors get dirty easy. Considering the bag will probably used to hold clothes when i travel and work, I don't want my nice red bag that matches my coat and boots to be black after I go to 4 or 5 farms.

I'm still learning here. Sorry for going off on a tangent.
I understand some people just want cheep. I'm here to buy quality used items, because I cannot afford new. And because i'd rather see things not go to the dump.

I will take all black or all dark blue bags.
You guys can gawk at me for being color coordinated. But it makes me happy. =)
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