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strange days

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Skiing with friends at Okemo on the recent below zero friday, after an hour or half or so we took a break to warm up at the summit lodge. My wife and I always sepearate our skis but because there was nobody there, being a Friday and about 14 below zero, I put my ac 40's in the rack. Upon going out, my skis were gone, but a pair of ac 40's the same size with different poles were close by. Those who know me understand I happen to be a tuning geek and my skis are tuned every time we ski. The skis that were there were bought, used as many times as the fellow skied with doing nothing done to the skis. Hence the edges looked like something you put on a drill to take paint off with. Our friend, is looking up at the northstar lift and spys a fellow with a pair of ac 40's. He turns our way, I see the marking I use to switch edges and volla, the ski exchange is made. The other guy was really thankful for getting his skis back and certainly this was an honest mistake. His comment was that he thought his skis were faster and had better edge grip after his break. The moral of this story is always seperate your skis to avoid this from happening to you. If it were a crowded day, I never would have my equipment returned.
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Awwwww, this is one clever devil. He skis them till they need a tune and then swaps skis.

Honest mistake ... who can argue with that ??

"Faster" .....

That is what makes his story come apart at the seams.
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His comment was that he thought his skis were faster and had better edge grip after his break.

that must have made your ego a bit bigger
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Did the other guy know about the use of paragraphs?
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I bet he knew that a paragraphs is better than one. Hence, the reason to separate them.
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Couple of beers over lunch and my skis always ski faster ... although with a tad less "edge hold"
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A weird happening...

Sometimes, even separating your skis won't prevent an honest mistake.

So Friday Jan 2nd, we're skiing Taos and stop off at St Bernard for a late lunch. We mix up pairs of Recon, Burning Luv and Lotta Luv and stash them in different places. When we finish up, one each of the Luvs that were stored together were missing. WTF? I'm able to complete my Recon set at least.

The Lotta Luvs were my girlfriend's rentals, the Burning Luvs were our friend's personal skis. Her husband goes to the Lost&Found but the workers there can't quite get what happened. "Wait. So your wife's skis were taken?" "Just one of them." "She lost just one ski?" "And her friend's ski too." "I've never heard of such a thing."

In the meantime we're searching around the restaurant thinking surely this can't be happening and maybe somebody's having some fun at our expense and hid them somewhere nearby perhaps? We figure we'll eventually talk to the rental place as well - if somebody did accidentally take them, the sticker on the Lotta Luvs should give a good indication of where to take them.

We lucked out, I think - in about 15 minutes an apologetic young lady and her father came walking up with the skis! He thought they were his daughters and walked them back to their condo. "But dad! Those aren't mine! Those aren't even matching skis!" Don't ask me how he made it to the condo, but he was honestly sight impared. At least our lunch lasted long enough for the skis to go to their condo and come back.

As for the rest of the day -
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Happened to my daughter..had lunch and came back and her skis were gone. Eventually that afternoon they were returned but it made for a bad afternoon. Me cuz I went ballistic and my daughter cuz she couldnt ski. NOW.....I lock everything up. If they're gonna steal em at least I'll know they were stolen and not accidentally picked-up.
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