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Hot Gear Bag Users

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I just picked up a new Hot Gear Bag a few days ago.
I was wondering how long those of you have them heat your boots up for, and at what temperature?
I'm especially curious about those of you with who have Superfeet Full Kork footbeds, as that is what I'm using and I don't want to damage them, but I'd like to warm my boots up really well before I head out.
I asked the people at Superfeet. They just took the obvious route by saying to use the lowest setting, which wouldn't warm a hot cup of coffee.
Thanks for your help.

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I have been using Hot Gear Bags for years, and I always pre heat at home with the 115 volt on high for an hour or so then turn to low for the ride to the ski hill. Works great for me.
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I've had mine for a year now and I do enjoy it. I think your question though, exposes a weak point in the bag; it takes a long time to warm the boots.

I keep mine on medium for fear of heating my Intuitions too hot. Not sure if that fear is founded but better safe than sorry. If I'm driving three hours or more I just take 'em from the house/hotel and plug 'em into the car and they're good to go. Usually though the trip is much shorter than that so I give 'em twenty minutes or so with the Hotronics boot dryer then put 'em in the bag so they're warm when I get to the hill.
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