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Garmont Boot Liners

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Has anyone replaced their stock Alpine ski Boot Liners with Garmont's Boot Liners? If so how do you like them?Thanks,adkron
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some people have.

why do you want to? do your feet move around too much in your current boots?
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One of my friend's used the Garmont G-fit in his alpine boots. He swears by this setup. I love the liner myself but have not tried it.
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I want to try new liners because my old liners are torn and "packed out." I ski a Solomon Wave 10 boot Mondo size 30. They are seven years old (maybe older). I have had boot-fitting problems for years and my feet have been pretty beat by ski boots. I recently met a skiing foot surgeon and unbelievable skier that said foot comfort is a must to ski properly. I agree and my old Solomon’s are the most comfortable boots I have ever skied. Boot Fitters and I have worked on them for years and I just do not want to part with them.

I have read about Zip Fit and Intuition Liners. I can not find any boot fitter locally that will mold them for me. I saw a sale on Garmont liners and thought they might be worth a try. I have posted other questions about liners under my user name. If you are interested in more information about my liner questions it can be found there.

Thanks for the help,

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I had size 30 X-wave 9s, and also have G-fit liners in my tele boots. The X-waves are fairly high volume shells and liners, which is why they tend to pack out, and the G-fits are pretty low volume. When you mold it the liner does not expand to fill the shell, it just molds around your foot, so make sure the G-fits are big enough on the outside to fit your shells.

A cheap easy solution may be to just have your current liners remolded. They are remoldable, and it should improve the fit, although maybe not back to how they were the first time.
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Originally Posted by adkron View Post
Has anyone replaced their stock Alpine ski Boot Liners with Garmont's Boot Liners? If so how do you like them?Thanks,adkron
The G-fit liner is the thermofit liner that is used in some Dalbello and Raichle alpine models. It was also sold as an after market replacement liner just as the comformable or intuition liners. They are the warmest and most comfortable liners out there. On the other hand, they did come in 2 densities, and if it's not the HD liner, there might be a performance loss.
FWIW, I have the Garmont G-fit AT boot along with alpine boots, and when they get replaced, I plan on junking the shell, but re-using the G-fit liner in my future alpine boot.
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Unfortunately I don't know the density but it is a G Fit liner. Sierra Trading Post has them on sale and I guess I could call them and hope they know.

Does this liner have to be molded (heated) to fit and work properly,if so how?

I am guessing their Mondo size 30 will fit my Solomon Wave 10 Mondo size 30s but won't know unless I order them.
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I believe the Dalbello and Rachlie shells (both of which I've owned) are lower volume than the X-Wave shells (which I've also had), so it is hard to say if the G-fit will work as intended in the X-Waves. I have ordered lots of stuff from Sirerra Trading Post and they have a no hassle return policy, so you could always order them and see if they buckle into your shells with no slop.

As for heating them, it is certainly not necessay, but I believe they are thinner and more dense than the stock W-Wave liners, so they would probably not be as comfortable without heat molding. Any good shop should be able to do it for you.
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Hi Mudfoot,

I ordered the Garmont liners. My "old" boot fitter has moved and I can't find a local guy to help. I did find some intructions on-line and will give them a try.

I was walking in Whiteface's Parking Lot today and slipped and fell after skiing. I think I could have used a, "gravity alchemist." whatever that is.


"retired chemist"
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Just be sure to have someone who knows what they are doing check the fit of the liners in the shells before you heat them and make them unreturnable. They could work fine, but it's possible they are too short or too low volume. You shouldn't have the slightest movement of the liners in the shells when you are skiing. A good bootfitter can take up some slack, but you don't want to end up with a Frankinstien operation to make them ski well.

As for a gravity alchemist, that's someone who transmutes gravity into motion and fun. Unfortunately, I can tell you from personal experience that my powers don't extend to parking lots.
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My G Fit Liners arrived today. I left my boots at "The Mountain" so I could not try them in my shells. I will do so tomorrow.

The liners came without heat/molding instructions but I found three sets of them on the Internet. They are all similar and one does mention Intuition Liners.

They are at:

The third link on the list is for SnowBoard Liners (The Dark Side – forgive me Riders) and is the most detailed and complete (I didn’t know Riders could read, AH-OH) and was entitled, “A Little Home Cookin,” ( I didn’t know they cook either).

I hope my years spent in a Lab will help me with the heating/molding and the SnowBoard God’s (Are there such things?) will forgive me.

I did survive the parking lot today.

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I use them in my "all mtn" boots.......very nice,warm. I never "mould" just drop in & go! Great replacement option.
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Hi,I received the Garmont G-Fit High Performance Liners Mondo size 30 . Theyt felt too short, my toes were pressed against the end of the liners. My custom foot beds are a 1/2 inch longer than the Garmont foot beds and the Salomon Wave 10 Mondo 30 Liners are also at least a half an inch longer than the Garmont-G Fits. I think I need a larger size i.e. Mondo 31. If they aren't available Intuition has some but they are more expensive than the G-Fit's at Sierra Trading Post which are on sale.Thanks again,Ron
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I got some of the G-Fit liners a couple years ago off eBay and they weren't tall enough for any of my shells. I need a thermo liner that's at least 12" and the Garmonts weren't.
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The G-Fits are tall enough for my Salomon's although they are not as tall as the stock lining. I'm waiting to hear from a rep at Intuition before I decide what to do next. Initially Intuition recommended a Mondo 30 but after seeing the Garmont’s II wonder if it won't be too short. It seems the Mondo to US size conversions have some variation among manufacturers.

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