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I can't find a video....

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There was an excellent video link posted from Alpine Canada. It showed kids in various stages of development, all carving and "turning the feet".

I can't find the darn thing, and I've searched like crazy.

If anyone has a link please post!!!

Found it:

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BigE, if you can get it to run please let me know. I also lost it last summer but when I found it it would not show. Still will not show. Need it badly.

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It works for me.

You may have to download the media player that is on the page. I downloaded the whole clip, so I would not lose it again...
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I think their server is very slow, couldn't get it to run from the link but works OK if you right click and download the file.
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   Could you post this link please? 

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Here: www.canski.org/webconcepteur/...av/videos.html

The link needed to be placed using the "add link" tool in the editor.  It shows up on my edit window, but vanishes in the post.

Edited by BigE - Thu, 05 Feb 09 20:16:45 GMT
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Right on.

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