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ski training for a newbie

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I will be going skiing in santa fe NM it will not be my frist time i did ski in Casper Wy for 4 hours but i took a nasty spill and had to stop

There was not a class in Casper the day i went. Would it be a good idea to take a class i have no problem staying up on my skies but i do have a problem stop.. That was where the nasty spill came into effect..

Any other advice would be cool too

Best wishes
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Welcome to EpicSki, jocotxguy!

Yes, to make a long story short, YES! Do take a lesson when you get to Santa Fe. It will get you off on the right foot, and build the foundation for good skiing forever. People who don't take lessons invariably learn bad habits that will haunt them later.

I'll give you a big hint: it's not about stopping--it's about going! Most self-taught skiers learn how to brake, in any number of ways, and then get better and better at braking. They'll teach you that in a first-timer lesson, but they'll also help you learn to think like an expert. Experts rarely brake. It's about gliding, learning to love gliding, and using tactics that minimize the need to brake.

Have fun, and keep us posted on how it goes.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thank a million Bob i know i will have a blast

i will go online and sign up today
i see you are in keystone i might see you at the end of the year i hope to try to ski 2 times this year we do not have a lot of snow in texas. I hope to ski in colorado or park city at the end of the year

Best wishes Bob

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Thanks, Marcus. Good luck, and have a great time in Santa Fe!

Don't hesitate to ask any questions here. You'll find lots of help.

I hope to see you in Keystone!

Best regards,
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Hey Bob i do have one more question as my job has me sit behind a desk al day i have become pretty non active and put on some weight (too much) as i have been preping for this trip i have started walking 4 miles a day. trying to build my endourance is there anything eles you would recomend me doing so i can get full use of my hard earned vacation

Thanks in advance

Best wishes
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If you have access to a health club or gym, see if they have a BOSU ball and use the ball to do some simple exercises in ways that challenge your balance.

If you've never seen one, a BOSU ball is basically 1/2 of a large rubber ball mounted on a flat piece of thick rubber. Any exercise you can do (push ups, squats, etc.) will be harder on a BOSU ball, and will aid in building up your core strength.

I used one a lot when going through rehab after my ACL surgery and it helped alot.

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Hey Mike

Thanks for taking the time to respond i do have access to a wonderful gym hear at TCU i go to i will be sure to ask tom. to see if they have that BOSU ball

thanks again

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