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My current boot is the Tecnica Race 130 (2007). I am satisfied with the performance and comfort and warmth. However, i always wondered how the Race would compare to models from other manufacturers. I have made a short list of boots: Atomic RT Ti 100, CS 130, Lange Comp Pro and Nordica Blower and Enforcer. It is very hard to test those boots because they are very high performance models. That is why i am looking for your opinions.

I have some info on those boots but i do not know how accurate it is. I would like to ask you a few questions on those boots because i need to know what is the general opinion on them.

How would the Atomic RT Ti compare to the Race in rear foot width? I tried the boot on and, to my surprise, the forefoot was very comfortable (for a race boot). The others should not be tighter than my boots.

How do the Atomic RT Ti and CS compare to the Race in warmth? I was never cold with the Race. Same question for the Lange and Nordicas. The Nordicas are free ride models with a different (perhaps warmer) liner. That is why i chose them and not the Pro 130.

Last question. How do the Atomic RT Ti, Lange Comp Pro and Nordica compare to the Race in forward lean? I like the lean of the Race. From what i remember, the Atomic should have more lean than the Lange. The latter should have more lean than the Nordicas. But how close are they to my boot? I tried on the Atomic and Lange a few months ago and i do not remember what are the exact differences between them. That is very important for me to know.

Thank you very much for your help.