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Rolling boot bags?

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Does anyone make a boot bag with wheels that is airline carry-on friendly? I have a cheap boot bag but it gets tiresome lugging it around. I know I could get a bag that is wearable as a backpack but I also like to bring a backpack with me so I obviously can't wear both. Suggestions? I'd also prefer one that has room for a few extras, such as a helmet or a little bit of clothing.
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Here you go...


*One caveat...it supposedly only meets carry on dims if the day pack is removed.

I've been looking for a bag with qualities like the bag you're looking for and it's been a challenge. Snowshack.com has quite a few carry-on qualified options such as...


I'm also considering the ebags brand Mother Load Mini Rolling Duffel, but I'm not sure if my boots will fit in the lower compartment or not. I'm not sure if helmets AND boots will fit in any of these.
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Simple - Get a regular wheeled carry-on. I use a full-sized carry-on that fits a pair of boots as well as a days worth of ski and regular clothes in case my ski bag gets delayed as well as an overnight kit.

If you get the type of bag that's expandable, you can really load it up on the way home and check it in if you buy something during your trip.
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Hi these guys have boot bags with room for your Helmet, laptop and lots of other space. It's wheeled too and looks smart. Seems like the perfect solution. www.skboot.com. We live in the Uk so have also used them to transport roller blades, as we are not lucky to get snow here. 

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