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Device 412 bindings

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I have a set of Atomic 412 Device bindings and have broken the thin translucent plastic that surrounds the center rails and adjustment screw. How can I get a breakdown of this binding to order new plastics. It appears to be non structural because it is very thin and only appears to be used as a guide for the adjustment markings on the rail and maybe to keep snow from building up under the boot. This plastic is the same color as the ski, burnt orangeish...thanks
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OldC9S, take the binding to the dealer and have them check, there could be a recall on a different part of it and you can kill 2 birds with one stone.
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Thanks, I just read about the recall. I found on the atomic website how to do a quick inspection to see if they are the recall series and will check when I get home today
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You need that plastic in there. If not, there is some play, and the adjusting threads don't engage with the bolt. I had one come out and tried it without it, finally decided it had to go back on.
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