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Salomon STH 14

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Salomon STH 14. I want to get them instead of the sth 16's. I like to charge but I think the 16's will be too much, theyre rated for a 200lbs + person. Any one think this would be a good match up with the High Society 179's?

The skis are 90" at the waist and are all mountain twin tips.
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It's a really good binding (although there are excellent choices from other binding manufacturers, too). What has caused you to focus on this particular binding? Regardless, it's a good binding. However, are you sure that you need a 14-din binding? Ideally, you want a binding where your setting is roughly in the middle of the range. The STH 12 binding is a good choice if you don't need the higher range.
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My range is 10 and I found them for only $170
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I just put the STH 14's on two pair of skis , Movement Thunders and my new BRO 183'S.. Only used them on the Thunders and they are SOLID... For the price you found them at IT'S A STEAL... THIEF... I paid $100 bucks more for my 2 pair...
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Go for it, it's a good price.
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After prereleasing too many times on my Volkl Kuros, the technician set my Salomon STH 14s at 11.5 at the toe and 9.5 at the heel on the right ski and 10.5 and 9.5, respectively, on the left ski.  Strangely, my Salomon 12TI are set 8 for toe and heel on both skis and are fine.  Are the settings too tight?  He justified the increase from 8 previously based on his measurements.  Apparently, the spring may be a bit weak.

I'm 5'8", 140 lbs and Level 3 skier.
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This sounds odd. Even if you have midget feet. From what I have seen, the STHs are top notch bindings. Was the forward pressure set correctly (and the worm screws in happy condition)? If they are the driver toe variant (which I believe was available), did the shop adjust the downward pressure and wings correctly? Are your boot heels and toes in OK condition?

There are  whole lot of people using the full range of STH bindings on fatter skis without the kind of issue you describe. The shop's response seems very odd to me. Even if they measured release pressure & it was off a bit -- being off by that much (which I doubt)  would scream warranty to me.
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Ugh!  I think you're right.  Those settings sound dangerously high for me.  The technician's verbose explanation was obfuscated with technical jargon.

My boots (26.5) are fine, with little wear and tear on the toes or heels (if I walk with the boots on pavement, I use rubber guards to save the soles). 

It sounds like I better try to replace them under warranty, if possible, rather than take the technician's advise of trying the skis first and risk injury.
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After prereleasing too many times on my Volkl Kuros, the technician set my Salomon STH 14s at 11.5 at the toe and 9.5 at the heel on the right ski and 10.5 and 9.5, respectively, on the left ski.

I would take them to a different shop and have them checked before you hassle with trying to get them warrantied. It could be faulty testing equipment, operator error, etc. rather than 3 or 4 binding components being faulty.

I am 60 years,155#, 5'11", level 8-9 skier(III+), and have 4 pair of Sth 12s that I ski at a 7.5 din setting on all toes and heels without any problems.

SkiK24:If you don't mind, where did you find your Sth14s?
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Thank you TrickySr.  There is only 1 shop in NYC that I know that has ski technicians for now (Eastern Mountain Sports plans to have a ski department, but they are not operational yet).  I already submitted the bindings to them as I will not be using the skis until the summer.  It will take time to get a response as it is off season.

That said, I heard others are also reporting the same problem with Salomon bindings recently, that the springs are weak and people are setting their DINs super high.  I hope not, as I already had a similar prerelease problem with Marker bindings.
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 From what I have seen, Salomon STHs have a great reputation. I'm north of 200 pounds & have used STH 12s (auto toe) & 16s (driver toe) Both have been very reliable on and off piste. (although I usually use Jesters).

As a rule, at least from what I have seen/heard, the folks setting DINs high on Salomons for the reason you mention seem to do so when they have an adjustable (driver)  toe model & they fail to keep the downward pressure & wing adjustments set correctly. Or if they just plain do not have forward pressure set correctly. Or if they routinely force their boots in with globs of snow in front or underneath. I've found the Salomons to be pretty tolerant of extra snow/ice - but no binding will work reliably when pushed way out of spec.

I'm not saying your set has no issues. But it'd be the rare case.

It'll be interesting to see what new feedback you get from Salomon or the shop(s).
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I don't know if the STH 14s have the auto toe or driver toe, but I'm guessing the former.  This year's model has the automatic wing adjustment.  I bought the STH 14s at the end of last year's season, but it looks similar to the current model on Salomon's website.  I'm not sure if the wings are adjustable.  I'm trying to find a manual. 

When I was shopping for bindings, they indeed had a good reputation and I got them at a good price.  Only a few bindings last year had brakes that would fit 133mm skis underfoot.

Let's see what they say...
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