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Hunter Sunday 1/18

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Ill be there.....will you?
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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post
Ill be there.....will you?
So, how were your powder skiing skillz?
Kidding, because I'm sure you had problems if you got out early. The 6 inches of snow made conditions a bit tricky because there was considerable wind causing major drifting. One trail had snow on right side of the trail, and hardpack on the left. While another had hardpack for some distance, then drifted snow where it was somewhat protected. Compounding this was the poor visibility because it was still snowing, so you couldn't see what you were getting into because it all looks white. Basically, if you weren't perfectly ballanced, you would get thrown fore and aft as your skis slowed and speeded up. Later in the morning, it got better as the snow got distributed more evenly and viisibility cleared. It turned into a great afternoon.
I can't tell you where I was most of the late morning, because then I'd have to kill you all. I was alone on a trail that hasn't opened yet,was inaccessable to the public because of a race, couldn't be seen by the public and just got enough snow to not bottom out. It was like the perfect storm, and I was in the middle of it. Since I was assigned to that race for the first 2 hours, I was doing laps on untouched knee deep powder all to myself. We also had a lift dedicated to the racers, so it was just me and a bunch of racer's with a lift to ourselves. I started on the far left next to the trees, 8'd those tracks, then moved over 3 feet and did it again. About a dozen runs later, my 12 tracks were the only ones on the trail and I wasn't even 1/4 across the trail yet. I took my relief over there to take over.
I swear, patrol usually doesn't have it that good.
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I ended up not going

But my powder skills are now greatly enhanced...I say bring it on.
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