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Parking at Park City Slopes

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How hard is it to find parking at the resort base?
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I was at the Gathering a couple of years back and had no problem with parking at PC, but I was there early. Not sure what it's like if you get there later.
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At PCMR, there are 3 large lots, the main lot does tend to fill fairly quickly, but the other two should have space unless it's a holiday or Saturday (when all the locals drive), there's also a pay underground lot if you want to go that route too...
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No problem finding parking before 11am. On holiday weekends after noon good luck.
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PCMR, just get their early, you will literally be 50-75 yds from the ticket window and two lifts.

Canyons..well, same deal, but then you take the gondola to the first base resort area, then walk to the main gondola.

As long as you are there early, parking is pretty easy there and no real drama like many CO resorts like Breck..lol..
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I agree with arriving early. I can't remember the last time when I didn't arrive at an area at least 20 minutes before opening.
However parking at PCMR is easy. Just go downtown to the free parking in the garage and walk across the street to the town lift.
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