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my personal experience:

1) several one-day ski school lessons at CO resorts. i asked them to focus on bumps. the instructors were typically good instructors but not great bump skiers. they taught the basics in the bumps (absorb/extend) but used lots of drills on the flats where, i presume, they felt more comfortable.

2) a summer freestyle camp where the coaches were current or former world cup mogul skiers. the coaches absolutely ripped and could lead us through a zipperline from top to bottom. their bump skiing was so effortless and incredible to watch, it motivated you to try to ski better.

from whom did i learn more? well, the ski instructors were helpful but there really was no comparison.

the world-cup guys could instantly spot errors in mechanics, as could the instructors to a lesser degree. but the world cup guys were so proficient in the bumps that they could even mimic your skiing to illustrate their points. following their lead through a run was the single biggest aid to my own skiing.

obviously, everyone learns differently so your mileage may vary. i am a visual learner...i see the movements, picture myself doing them, then try to put them into practice. my money will therefore go to those instructors who practice what they preach.

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