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Installing Marker iPT Wideride bindings on Volkl AC50's - Question

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I just picked these up, and am fairly certain the installation is pretty straightforward, but figured I'd ask you guys.

1. Adjust the binding to my boot shell size.

2. Slide binding forward on the rail system on the skis.

3. Lift up binding adjuster plate and insert screw tightening to 3Nm.

Is that it?

I plan to bring the skis/bindings to Ski-Tech in Vail on Monday to have them check everything and wax the new skis before skiing there for 3 days.

Thanks for any help guys!!

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Originally Posted by motoracer51 View Post
You seem desperate so I'll chime in here. Although I am most familiar with Look and Tyrolia bindings, I've set up a few Markers. I had some Nordicas with Markers and you set the bindings for the approximate boot sole length, but you then needed to check the forward pressure. Once you have the bindings set to where you believe is correct for the BSL, you snapped the boot in and looked for a cylinder which popped out of the heal section below the DIN adjustment screw (looks like a Phillips head screw but is a posidrive screw). The top of the protruding cylinder is flattened with an engraved triangle on it. There are several parallel lines scribed on the triangle. With the boot installed, you should see some, but not all of the triangle. If this is the case with your binding, set the length so that a portion of the triangle is visible. You will find that adjusting the boot sole length one stop will have a big effect on the forward pressure. If the triangle is completely visible at one position and not visible at the next, understand that the less of the triangle that is visible, the higher the forward pressure. Higher forward pressure means less likely to release and lower forward pressure means more likely to release. You choose! Or you can adjust the DIN accordingly but now you are getting to something that the shop should do and test.
The other Marker setup for forward pressure is a second Phillips head
screw beneath the heel DIN screw. With the boot in place the head of this screw should be flush or slightly recessed from the surrounding plastic. Rotating this screw and installing the boot will allow you to provide the correct forward pressure. When you think you have it set correctly, install and remove the boot several times to be sure the screw head returns to the same location - flush or slightly below the surrounding plastic, you will feel detentes as you rotate the screw to decide which is best. Don't just install the boot once and assume it is correct.
I hope that you have one of these two setups and that this has helped.
I would think that if you got close or even described your effort to a reputable shop that they would be willing to adjustment them for free or at least a nominal charge.
Good luck.
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Any pictures of the set-up? Thanks,

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I think it's important to mention that you should not use forward pressure to try and control the release as I saw mentioned here twice.  It doesn't work that way.  Release level is strictly controlled by the toe/heel DIN settings.  The forward pressure adjustment is there to make sure the binding functions properly, and that there is proper contact between the boot and binding (so that you don't have a pre-release or lack of release).  So the forward pressure only really has two settings -- right and wrong, though there is some tolerance for the "right" setting.

In cases with a scale like that, there is enough tolerance that you want to get into the meat of the range.  Dead in the middle would be the best.
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 Thanks, I;ve edited my post
i'll try to get them 1-2mm closer, which should set it exactly in the middle.
Just a couple of days......Italy...
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Hi Ivo - just wanted to say thanks for the excellent post. Saved me a trip to the shop! Just picked up a pair of AC50s with these bindings & off to Chamonix next week.
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Thanks!  This helped me out a ton...

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