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Salomon Falcon S-Lab

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I'm looking for information on the salomon falcon s-lab from 2007.

What is the flex, and how aggressive is the forward lean as compared to the current falcon 10? Toebox narrow? How narrow? Instep?

what are the differences from the current falcon 10?

This boot seem to be on blow out, and I can find a store with a boot fitter to try it out, but wanted more information before I went to try new boots... You know one of those things where once I go, and start trying on going to be buying something and probably way more than expect because it will be what I need.
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few mm narrower everywhere, lower instep,

not sure on F lean/ramp angle

very stiff boot and very cold liner (like most race boots). they are a race boot and do that very well, not really a nice public, skiing boot.

might be a good deal, but might not be the right boot....
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