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There was a grade school class studying poetry. They finally got around to rhyming poems and the teacher gave them some homework. She said that each had to come back the next day with a poem that rhymes with Timbuktu. After many moans and groans the class was dismissed to go home and work on the assignment.

The next day they had to read their poems out loud in the class. As you can imagine, most of the poems were just terrible. Finally, the teacher's pet got up and recited her poem:

As I walked through the sun-drenched land
I gazed upon the desert sand
A caravan came into view
Destination, Timbuktu

Well, the rest of the class sighed in despair because they knew nothing else was measuring up.

The last kid got up and read his poem:

Tim and I a hunting went
and came upon a great big tent
Girls were three and we were two
I bucked one and Tim bucked two