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Need some advice, new to BC

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I have been cross country skiing for many years now, but in the last couple I have become increasingly interested in venturing a little further into the backcountry. I have completed a few long, fairly steep ascents in the Swan Range, MT, follwed by some real ugly telemarking on the way down. I currently am riding an Alpina Tracker and I think I have reached my full potential with that ski. I was considering a few skis that can still provide good climbing without skins, but also allow some better turning on the descent. I have asked my local ski shop some questions about gear, but they are more geared for downhill skiing and didn't have much info to offer. The skis I was considering were the Alpina Cross Terrain, Alpina Lite Terrain, or the Karhu Guide and I was considering pairing the skis with Alpina's BC 2075 3 pin boots and Voile's 3-pin tele binding with the removable cable for ascending. If anyone has experience with any of these products of just wants to lend their thoughts it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Would love to help you, but your questions are probably better asked at a tele specific forum or somewhere like - http://www.backcountryworld.com/forumdisplay.php?f=17
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Thanks Taxman, I posted the same thread on the backcountry forum, but no one has posted back yet. it seems they do not have as many users. Everytime I log in I am the only one online haha! Thanks for the info though
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I use the voile 3-pin cable binding for backcountry and it works quite well can't make any comments on the skis but I do love a good leather boot they are just harder to find.


Plenty of opinion there
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