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Volkl P50 (2002)

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Me: 50th season. 54. 5'10/210lbs fairly fit,fairly strong. I buy 20-30 pair of skis per year to test/ski/play around with as a hobby(sickness). I have done that for 10 years. Keep some/sell some. When the collection hits about 40/50 pair..I start to seriouslly thin it. Into the 20's.I generally buy new skis 2-4 years old. Some older. Some used. I also buy skis/equipment to re-sell. I make a few bucks..spend a huge!! amount of time doing this. I also make/modify plates/switch bindings etc. At any given time I can have a bunch of new 3 year old skis or used 3-6 year old skis or everythingn in between. I tend to just get rid of "average" skis..fairly quickly and keep skis that have 1 or more really outstanding qualities.

These $39 Volkls on Ebay right now that I bought I will have for a very long time.
Not much written about these skis?? I dunno why.
# 1 out of probablly 300 skis in sheer,stupid,blind acceleration from 0 to about 15mph on medium steep terrain. I don't know if this will increase with more steepness. After 15mph the acceleration is not a big deal compared to other fast skis. From 15mph to 30mph a few other skis will beat them. Who cares about 0-15mph? You will if you find yourself stopped and re-start on medium to steep terrain and these lunch buckets sniff out the fall line. They just go from zero and cover a stupid amount of ground before you even realize that you are in the backseat. Seriouslly sneaky because they are not strong,powerful..and don't feel it. They don't even feel fast accelerating I don't know why they are so fast this way. I have had too many skis and tested them and had them ground/structured/waxed skied the same way same place same machine same tech them in identical conditions,runs,back to back. I think the shape/footprint has a lot to do with it. Volkl in their ad calls it a "unique shape". If you have a pair or have had a pair and they don't feel like that..perhaps it is the structure/wax..I dunno. I didn't fiddle with that rail pin flex adjustment thinggy either. I don't even know where it is set now haha.

# 1 out of again out of probally 300 skis in off edge tracking. Once they hit about 15-20 mph they seem to get stiff/sink a bit and FOCUS on LASER beam like tracking! With any firm/groomed snow they just sit there in the snow and seem to have developed this attitude that they are pointed and that is EXACTLY where they are headed and going to go and NOTHING is going to change their mind. Seriouslly un-nerving. Got me seriouslly thinking of the tune/grind quality. Again..Imho...as Volkl said.."Unique shape". To be honest..It was quiet..no one around..I wonderred about that first turn and got a little nervous..let them run to about 25mph then put a tiny,almost apprehensive bit of weight/edge and I get this INSTANT harsh sort of skid/braking/begin carve HARD direction change oh we are going the other way fast and have coverred a lot of ground time to turn again. This is an ultra responsive/WICKED REACTIVE harsh ski from about 15-25mph. Again I questioned the tune.

From 25/30/35mph I fell in love with this ski! It really settles down and becomes VERY PLAYFULL! and fun. The unnerving tracking ability I think actually increases and it gives back the feeling of it's utmost superiority and confidence in this area..and it knows it..and wants you to too! I no longer questioned the tune.

I skied it on higher blues at fall line speed..staying in a path..oh..20-30 feet wide. Effortlessly with subtle edging/weight shift linking turns. Occassionally letting it run straight. It feels so precise it almost feels like it is not stable. That is how quiet this ski is at speed. Again...the sheer precision of this ski is beautiful. Really,really beautiful. Again..I no longer questioned the tune.
This ski to me feels short and light. It is for sure not light!! Pretty weighty actually. And at 188.

It's performance on other than somewhat medium steep terrain(beginner,bunny hills) or at speeds below 15/20mph is abysmal at best. LOL..maybe # 1 out of 300 in ABYSMAL performance at slow speeds. This thing flops around..skidding..no one could carve on this thing at slow speeds. Just too ultra hyper reactive at slow speeds. Stupid.What a CRAPPY!! ski at slow speeds.

It will skid..doesn't like it..doesn't respond well. Very,very hard to ski old school..legs glued together up unweighting. (lol..I tried it) Just does not respond.

Likes a firm somewhat centred stance. Not too far forward. Nothing behind the boot.

Has very harsh,almost old school like GS manners typical of most GS type skis 1998-2003/4. Forget roll them on/off their edges. This baby needs a very strong technical pilot. Carves are earned.

Just a real pos if you want to lay down lazy pretty carves at 15-25mph maybe varying the turn shape a bit. Again..a real loser in that department.

As far as an expert/racer level somewhat old school full throttle gs race ski..albeit outdated. On steep very hard firm terrain with a very skilled and technical pilot? I dunno..guys like that would for sure not buy this ski..they'd get something newer..more user friendly.

For Banzai runs..absolute pinpoint "point and shoot" accuracy. Precision. Unshakeable stability off edge. I doubt if the speed limit for this thing is in the realm of the even reasonablly sane.

BUY IT!! IF!!..you LOVE!!! skis/skiing and playing around with them/their characteristics. Love/hate. Or have a very specific task for it that is good at.And you have lots to play around with.

Otherwise it is just not even worth $39
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Thanks for the review. I take it this is the P50 F1 Energy

Thanks very much for the review.
And do you just happen to have a set of Marker Comps laying about the place?
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Greenies YUP..Comprex/Ghost..good calls..Howdja guess HAHA??

My bad. Sorry. I should have posted it/as such/mentioned it. Just that I thought that these things have had some press..and they seem to always be available new for sale.

I know that there was the regular P40,The P40 with the "Racing" on the sidewalls AND the P40 F1's. All very similar. As well as the Platinums. I have some some of the the above. And the P50,P50 Platinum.P50F1 Energy Rail. And the Race Stock P50. I've had the Platinums. I just don't get the "Greenies". Totally different construction! They only maed these in 2002 right? Not even related to the laminate skis in terms of stiffness..as far as the tail especially(as Ghost noticed immediately) Were there P50's like these without the Energy Rail?

Wassup with this Energy Rail on these skis anyways??..LOOKS to me quickly like some rinky dink combination of a plate attached to the ski(or rail) and ANOTHER plate(rail)that rides inside/outside? and can slide? The adjustable pin location thinggy looks like when the ski is flexed/loads the ski/part of the plate setup.. it bends until the pin binds and then the whole contraption is locked together at a chosen flex point by the pin..then the WHOLE contraption. Ski,both parts of the plate bend together some more.
Sortta reminds me of the later(2004/5 Salomon Lab 2V Salomon/Hangl/Pilot plate(the 3rd generation) where the plate is solid. Attached at the front and back Suspended/attached on pivots to the ski. Where it rides on pins too.The ski flexes..until it hits the bumpers on the ends and undersides of the plate THEN the rest of the ski flexes. I took that stuff off my old Lab's and put a 2 piece plate in place. Really changed!! some aspects of the skis performance for the better. I might do something similar to these..just take that whole mess off and put my own 2 piece plate on and see what that is like for fun!
There are some VERY similar traits amongst these 2 skis that is for sure. Imho..it has to have something to do with these skis construction and plates.

Ghost..sorry..the only thing I have suitable for these are the 9.1 Race..CP that are on these skis right now. I do have some 11 din's here that will screw on. They are not mine and I do at some point have to re-mount them for someone. Whenever that is whenever they want. But I am sure it is no problem at all if you want to borrow them/screw them on/test your skis/.get them back to me fairly soon. If that is worth your trouble. I'll keep my eyes open for some bindings for you..mind you..for some reason..this season..I have not come across any really cheap suitable bindings for these things.
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