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Boot Liners

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I need new Liners. I ski a Solomon Wave 10 boot in size Mondo 30. My shoe size is US 13. I am interested in Intuition Liners but do not know which liner or size to purchase. I have asked local boot fitters if they will mold the liner for me and the answer is always no! I live near Lake Placid NY and the shop I purchased the boots from is no longer in business.Can someone out there recommend a liner type, size, and help ,e with molding the liner if needed?Also Sierra Trading Post has Lowa struktura light ski boot liners for sale. Does anyone know anything about them?Thanks,adkron
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here is a link for Intuition,email your boot,size,and type of skier and they will recommend a liner .
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Zip Fit. you can purchase online and the do it yourself molding is very easy. I did it and if i can; anyone can. Also, ZipFit can be molded over and over, unlike (i believe) intuition. And they are very helpful and will walk you through the process
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Thank you both for your help.

I will be emailing both Intuition and Zip Fit for their help. My rather large and somewhat differently shaped feet have had me working on and altering ski boots for decades. The seven-year-old Salomon's I now own are the most comfortable I have ever skied but they have been worked on by boot fitters and myself over the years. I hate to give up the shells and therefore want new liners. The current liners are packed out and held together with duct tape.

I use a booster strap when skiing that keeps me into the front of my boots despite the "packed out" linings. I did have a blister in my left ankle bone after starting this season and it has healed.

As any one that skies knows a comfortable boot is absolutely necessary to ski correctly. I have tried to ski through pain with many boots and it does alter the way you ski. A friend of mine is a Foot Surgeon and she correctly says, "ski with your feet." A comfortable and proper fitting boot is a must for this to occur.

I hope Intuition or Zip Fit can help me reach the comfort and control a proper fitting ski boot should give.

For the record my foot dimensions are:

Length: 12 ½”
Forefoot circumference: 11.5”
Forefoot width: 4 1/2”
Heel width: 2 ¾”
Circumference at anklebone: 11”
Calf circumference at top of boot: 10 1/8” (long skinny legs)
Circumference diagonally around the heel to the ankle: 14 13/16

Thanks again,

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