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Angle of attack?

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When visiting a new Resort, what is your motis operanda? In other words, how do you expolre the Ski Area?

Do you ski all over and find a few runs you like or do you try to ski them all?

Also, when revisiting the ski area, do you seek out your favorite runs and ski them or cruise around.

I know for me the conditions are the main determining factor for my plan of attack but how about you?

I'm going to reserve my thoughts for now but I'll let you know mine eventually.
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"follow the sun" until about 2:15 when the legs don't wanna retract anymore then find shaded groomers on a non-major lift to do laps on.
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Well, if I were to spend a week at one big ski resort, then the usual plan would be to (on a non pow day):

Ski a few runs in each major area of the mountain. Get to know the resort! Usually ski 10% green, 35% blue, 55% black.
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I usually go in with the intention of getting a healthy dose of the full mountain but invariably find a great run or two that I really love and end up spending much of the day doing laps there--especially a good tree run with lots of powder.
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look at the map, find the steepest, hariest area, start there. ask a few locacals where the stashes of snow are then go there.
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top to bottom.

almost always
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I really try to see it all. I usually start at one end and work my way across. If I find a good run, I might do it a couple of times before moving on. After I'm done exploring I stay on my favourites.

You can tell I haven't been to a big resort in quite a while.
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I like to study and try to memorize the trail map as much as possible before getting to a new area, then have two or three spots I have decided to hit and a plan for moving between them. I never rule out the unexpected sweet spot, so usually try to cove most of the mountain over the course of the day.
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When i ski, i've decided that trail markers are stupid. I can handle anything, so the only time i need to know where im going is when im getting to the lodge for lunch

I also like to explore the whole mountain, i dont like to do the same trail multiple times unless its park or its the only good trail i've found all day.
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I try to ski a different run, every run, and then try to take inventory at the end of the day. From green trails to blacks and the occasional double black.......

When I ski with my buddie's we try to challenge ourselves each day for 2 or 3 runs. The past few years that means glades.

I do love a top to bottom run, groomed. You can really find the ups and downs of a mountain that way!!
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I haven't skied anywhere other than Snowbird since I bought my first Snowbird season pass. ( Except one time I HAD to ski at Tamarck up in Idaho, and it pretty much sucked. )
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