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Hi all,

I'm after a one-ski does it all quiver with a leaning to off-piste/BC although used on piste a lot. My hit list was Scott Mission/Volkl Mantra and Freeride +'s. Problem is budget is a big factor.

I have a chance to get some used but mint Head Monster iM88 with old 'white' freeride bindings for $475 (£320).

Questions are:

How old are the white freeride's? Any problems with them? Is 'insta-tele' a real problem?

Since I don't need the skis til March do you think I stand any chance of getting Missions/Freeride + for around £400 ($595) in the sales before then?

What sort of time do the sales start?

I know this is a very open sort of question and that everyone will have their own thoughts but just need some inspiration.

Thank a lot,