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balance problem?

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i just bought a pair of one week old volkl's but when i had the bindings readjusted, the centre line markers on the ski and book were no longer aligned. will this adversly affect my skiing? they're off by about half an inch.
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which way are they off? fore or aft.
Basically if you move the boot center forward you can turn quicker and if you move the boot center backward you will get a more stable ski at speed.
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The above is mostly true for the long straight skis, which were skied with considerable amount of pivoting. If you on one of the shaped shorties, half an inch can noticably throw you of balance. Since you ski shaped skis by bending them, if the pressure is applied off centre the ski does not bend optimaly.


Making a turn where you have to is different from making a turn where you want to...
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Sometimes tech's place bindings 1/2" forward of center for women who get mens ski's. It will make a difference, but if you haven't ski'd them yet, I don't think you'll notice too much. How much do you weight by the way? If you are a lightweight, then this might actually be a blessing in disguise.

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