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Copper Mtn 1/14/09

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A group of us had a field trip from WP to Copper on Wed. for some MA training. I met up with the group in Empire and we headed up to the tunnel. We experienced driver side windshield wiper failure so, we pulled over at the tunnel and exchanged wiper blades. Certain parties stated they were hungry so, I mentioned the Wendy’s in Silverthorne. A supervisor expressed a desire to try their spicy chicken nuggets so, Wendy’s it was.

We made it to Copper and took the bus in from the Alpine Lot. We then headed off to Burning Stones. We then made it to the meetup area. I didn’t immediately spot the clinic or the clinic leader but I vaguely noticed someone standing on the very end of a snowboard with another person spinning the snowboard around in circles from the other end. Upon further inspection, I recognized the clinic leader and a clinic participant.

After introductions and discussion of potential MA goals, we set off on some warmup runs from the Flyer. We cut through a gate and headed down a steep double black mogul field with the occasional tree and about 2 feet of freshies on top of the bumps. Fun!

We then headed up another lift and made it up to Copper Meadows (field?). Lots of untracked powder about 2 feet in depth. We then headed into the trees and whooped it up.

We then set some MA goals for the day. We concentrated on MA skills for testing and also MA for our own students for the next 4.5 hours. I was able to get my MA verbalization much more concise for testing purposes.

We did pound some other mogul fields and rode them switch and regular. Some did some massive pops and spins on their boards. It was lots of fun. Nobody used a shopping cart in the moguls. Later, on some groomers, I did spot some massive launches off of rollers with some 180’s and 360’s thrown in. I may have also spotted a rather interesting cartwheel series off one roller.

In all Copper had some fantastic snow conditions with tons of untracked powder stashes left from the last storm. It was fairly deserted too. I wish we had had more time to properly do Copper. It was a successful clinic and everyone had fun.

Sorry, no time for pictures.
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Nice. How did I not know that Copper had freshies on Wed? Vail was killer on Tues, and the place was shredded by the time we left. No new snow, who'd have thunk Copper would be that good? You guys apparently...

Was up there today and it was good. Started on the East side and hit up Patrol Chute which was nice and soft and bumped out. Then lapped back up and took the traverse down to Coppper Bowl. Thought the goodies far skiers right were open so I headed up there, but the gate was closed, so I just skied down the boundary line. I was planning to head back to Spaulding Bowl, but just as I was about to bail, I heard some guys say "It's open? Lets go then.." Sure enough, the Patrol showed up to drop the rope. After a mandatory "don't blame us if you hit rocks" briefing (I believe they called it "informed skiing") they let us go. Ripped lap after lap working farther out along the ridge. Finally noticed that the second gate was open & hiked another 30 feet or so (after receiving a new "there are really rocks here, plus avalanche debris" safety briefing from the patrol stationed at that gate. Turned out the best snow on the mountain was hiding over there. Cream cheese powder right up against the rope line and down through the pungy trees on the runout. Definitely good enough for multiple laps before finally heading down and back to work...All in all, a very good day.
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It was a fun day and was a good mixer between Copper Staff and Winter Park staff. There were enough people at a high level to make it a great clinic experience for the participants and the trainer. The Copper people got to show us some of their untracked stashes from their last storm. We got to show them some of our fun group dynamics.

Sounds like you found the goods today.
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I was at Copper today also. I couldn't believe how nice the snow and weather were. Soft snow lines in the bowls, and the mogul runs served by Resolution and Alpine lifts were fantastic. My best non-powder day of this season by far. The lack of crowds is definitely helping the snow hold up for days after a storm.
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Seems like from everything I read this season, there aren't as many people at Copper compared to previous years. I'm tempted to switch over to the Copper/WP pass from the 5-mtn one next season if it stays like that.
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I only ski Copper, so I can't compare the lack of crowds there this year to other resorts. However, there are far fewer skiers at Copper this season than I can remember in the past decade. Traffic on I-70 seems lighter during my ski commutes also, so perhaps all Front Range areas are down likewise.
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