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Can't argue with that!

Maybe just get some Kuro's or Pontoons? Smoke a doobie.... and...wait...that's Skifishbum! Except he's on the Brogram.

So, how do these Goats compare with say the Line Prophet 100's, or the Mothership ? or the Stockli Scott Schmidt's? 101mm underfoot.

Bushwpa, where are you on this one?


Hey, I've changed my tune a bit! After some really, heavy sierra powder, I can see how a longer or wider or reverse camber could be better. BUT, the day I was at Alpine doing this, these runs lasted only a little while and for the rest of the chopped up day, I was happy for the versatility of the "short" gotama!

I haven't skied all of these other skis, I'm sure they're all great.