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Ferrari Wrooom

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Ferrari F1 drivers do it all!! How come they aren't Bears?
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Oh man! Kimi's a knuckle dragger!!!
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Did you see those Ferrari logo skis? They look like they may be Nordicas.

How about the Nikki Hayden shots?

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Originally Posted by SLATZ View Post

 They look like they may be Nordicas.



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Aha! What tipped you off?

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Hello Slatz. Long time no see.

Apart from seeing those Ferraris "live" in a shop here, and reading in magazines...

The topepiece you see it's a Look one (re-badged Ferrari, of course) but more telling, check the tip...

It's got the Dynastar "squared" shape...

Anyway there are a couple of models available, and boots (Lange, obviously)  as well...

(in the link above it's the junior model)


Official site






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Pretty cool. Too rich for my blood though. They would go well with that red Italian Team suit I bought from Francesco Ghedina a couple years ago though (It's my prized possesion) I'm kind of an Elan/Nordica guy though.

I've had a busy season. Fortunately, because the car business is terrible. It's over now, along with most of the other excitement. I've got time to catch up here.

I was going through my photo gallery and found the pictures of you kids. They must be pretty well grown up by now. One was in-line skating wasn't he? How's your health? I think I saw some shots of you from the slopes awhile back.

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Hehe, kids are growing huge, compare that picture with this (taken this year).

Both were racing inline skating, both gave up. The younger after breaking twice his arm in two months (same arm, once in late October, the second in early December, two years ago) the older...ran out of steam. last spring.

They now both play Baseball, but it's not enough calories consuming for them, IMHO...

My feeling is that the younger generations aren't keen on working, not hard but, at least a bit to obtain results...



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As for the main "pump"'s still working...I've tested it a bit this winter and it has sustained the strain..let's see in the long run.


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Baseball: Twenty minutes of boredom squeezed into 2 hours.  

Seriously, it's fun to play but not very good exercise.

My grandson broke the same arm twice on a skateboard. Those sports where you fall onto a hard surface are like that. I tried Rollka Grass Skis one year. We were training GS before the season. Just about everyone had something broken by the start of skiing. (I had broken ribs)

Glad to hear you're able to stay active.

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