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Boot Flex Question

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Hi. I posted this on the 'Gear Forum', but just realized that you have this forum specifically for boots. My apologies...

So here's my re-post:

I'm an ex-slalom racer from way back in high school and also a bit in college. Now that I'm getting back into skiing again, I've decided to purchase a new set of boots. I've narrowed it down to Lange World Cup 100 and the 120 version. My question is-- "will I really notice a performance loss by going for the 100 flex boots instead, and does it matter when you're just tooling around (on and off-piste) instead of racing?"

My stats:
Male 155 lbs
Ski mostly double blacks in Squaw, Kirkwood, etc...
About 50% off piste
42 yrs young ;-)

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same answers you got on the other post are still right.

go 120 and make them softer if you need to, you can't make a 100 stiffer. Also better liners in the 120's
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