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I have narrowed my choice down to 3 skis. Fisher Watea 94,Dynastar Mythic Rider, K2 Outlaw. I'm 5 8, about 185lbs expert skier. I love skiing deep snow ,but I also ski bumps and groomers sometimes all on the same run.

I had a chance to ski the Outlaw yesterday on ice and soft spring corn snow. After a couple of runs I really started liking this ski. Very stable in the crud and solid on the groomers. A little slow in the tight bumps but I can make it work.
After several runs I went back to my Head Monsters im88s. The heads are quicker edge to edge but don't feel near as stable as the K2s .

Hopefully I will get a chance to demo the Dynastars and Fishers next week. I know a lot of people like the Monsters but I don't think this is the best ski for me. Any insight would be appreciated.