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Madesimo 01/10

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A Big big "Thank you" Mr. Prickly, indeed!

Sat morning, Jan 10th, 0615 a.m. the bell rings, it's time to get up...
Mmmh, haven't slept well, plus, I'm...I know that the previous evening
I had "declared" a half baked intention to go skiing but...I'm tireed...
07.30 am, after more than on hour of "silent debate in my head" head (If I don't go now it will
be another two weeks before I'll have a spot for,mmmh yes, but I'm tired)

I dress and go at my parent's house to take the equipment...
Then, set off to Madesimo...

A late start means that everything will sum up so I get to Made a bit late, three buses in front of me
TG they stop at the down the valley tram station, so to avoid the crowd I drive till the village, up the narrow icy old road
Once there I park the car and then take my skis, poles, helmet but not the backpack (I want to ski "light"...)

Oookey I'm here, so what now?
A sunny lovely day, not really cold...
I'll wait a bit and then ring up Mr. Prickly and see if he's around...
Let's grab some breakfast on an on the mountain bar (Cappuccino and Strudel, mmmmh) and afterwards a
warming up run down the main run to the village...
Ah, a bit crowded, too many kids, too many beginners, let's get back up ("up" means toward the resort upper half and the Canalone,
one of the very few "inbound" offpiste runs available that I know of)
Feeling a bit "unprepared" I had decided not to ski on the Canalone and in Val di Lei and stay instead on the lower half "groomers"
but with the kind of crowd around this thought revealed itself soon as not really doable...
I ring Mr. Prickly but he doesn't answer, instead he send me a text message saying "queuing for Powder", which, Mr. Prickly I must tell me,
made me laugh with delight at the thought of the famous "There are no friends on a powder day", also people around me looked at me strangely

Riight, Madesimo and "Powder" means Canalone, Cavallina, Camosci, Streghe, Val di Lei!
So, off to the tram toward Val di Lei, Mr. Prickly is doing laps on the Canalone and its associated slopes, so sooner or later we'll meet...
The queue is not big but it's enough for a 20ish minutes wait...
Oh well I was whiling away the time chatting with fellow skiers around me when a guy besides me start asking about my helmet (a Giro with tuneups)
and if the audio quality was good enough without actually impairing the capability to hear external noises...
He had asimilar systme on his helmet so, we compared things and slowly snailed toward the tram access gate...
When we reached the maze, the guy greetes another and starts talinig about theyr children attending ski school (my head alighted
"this must be a "local") so I ask him flatly..."Do you know "L'Americano?" ("The American")
To which he replies "The American who? Prickly?" -Yes, him- I reply...
Sure, our sons go to ski school together, see I was just chatting to him on the phone, he's on the Cavallina now, look there you'll see him...
Well, since it was a bit late to reach him (by the time we woudl have been "up" he would have been someplace else) I decided to follow these new acquantices
of mine and ski with them, while skiing down the Canalone (or Camosci, at some point the "border" beween the two area was blurred and I don't know where I was
actually skiing) lost them, no worries, Made is easy, just ski "down" and you'll get to civilization ;-)
Anyway, once at the bottom I managed to get toghether with the other two, seeing it was too late to take another tram "up" they opted to go and get
their children, as a consolation they offered me to ski with them down a little chute on their way to the base.
Well, it turned down to be one of the chutes that I was eyeing since last year but couldn't find (or was too lazy to look seriously enough for) the entry point...
Verry nice.
And I had promised myself (and to the family) to take the day easy!
What with this being the 2nd day on new skis, unfit body and all!!!
But what a nice feeling to ski on powder once again.
Anyway, I parted with my to companions leving them to their family chores and head back to the on the mountain restaurant to get something to chow
and drink (I was soaked in sweat!)
While there Mr. Prickly rings up, he'll be able to meet me where I am in a short time, so I can barely finish my sandwich, my water and drink the espresso
and head outside to meet him.
Soo, now the afternoon begins, I'm mentally prepared to be a drag to Mr. Prickly as we head to the tram...
Not a big queue at this time so we can get quite quickly on the tram...while in the maze I found out a couple of friends from my villege (immediately lost
once to the top...there are no friends on a pwoder day, tee hee!)
Anyway, we're off to the camosci to find some untracked fields, wowo, tight deep, light powder as I've not seen in years!
What a hoot!!!
Mr. Prickly is really a superb skier, we ski as much as possible in untracked places, he's very good at finding untouched spots...
Then we move toward the sunny side of the natural anphitheatre which constitues the place, and there the snow is not as light, more liek spring but still
nice to ski on...
My 78mm waisted skis are gallantly supporting myself, and giving me a ton of smileys (but I think that once home in the evening they've connected to
their version of Epicski ("Epicski-er" heheheh) and in the "skiers reviews" forum submitted a very bad review of their skier (me)
Well, once at the bottom I'm spent, I feel ashamed that am being a drag to Mr. Prickly so I admit that I'm wasted and tell him to go, but I can't totally let go, so I wait
some ten minutes to gather all the strenghts I can muster and I follow him once more.
Of course it's too late to reach him, he's already boarded the tram, next one will be in 10 more minutes by the time I'll board he'll be mid mountain again,
the blitz of Madesimo!
The phone beeps, Mr. PRickly inquires about me being ok...I phone him and tell him I'm coming up, and we'll catch up on his next ride up...
Well, slowwly I make up to the tram, take it, and reach the top, there I choose top ski the Val di Lei already tracked but easy, open and cold "fields"...
I've barely made to the top again when Mr. Prickly says he's nearly there as well. I go meet him but I'm too tired to follow him at his speed.
So I decide to take the bumpep up Canalone to take some "rest" (imagine, I had to ski bumps to rest!!!!) back down, while Mr. Prickly skis again in
search of untracked pow...
Once the steepset part is behind me I venture again in the open fields, we meet at the Larici Restaurant for a quick beer and Tea (Tea for me...the tenderfoot)
It's time to go, it's getting late, 16.20ish, lifts are closing...in the mittle of this, Prickly shows me another little "gem", a shortcut, a track in the wood
leading to a much unknown run back to the Lago Azzurro parking lot...
Well Goodbye, Mr. Prickly, till next time!

And Thanks again for the nice day!

P.S. my heart rate was 176 during the "action", I was out of breath so much that I was fearing I'd faint...need to work on that, lad!

Sorry but my camera died on me, I have no pictures but one, and that doesn't say much, but if I close my eyes, I still see the image I was trying to take of Mr. Prickly in the tight deep pow (I had set the camera for a sequence of pictures but the darn machine stopped working because of the cold temp)

It's Thursday now, and my legs are slowly getting back to normal...
Holy Cow, 4 days to recover....
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In my haste to go skiing I forgot to take with me the bigger baskets (remember I did not take the backpack, that's where those normally are)
for my poles, then the same poles were behaving "strangely", I mean, each time I was tipping the point seemed to slip and not catch the snow really well...I was baffled by such a behaviour but, after a while decided that it was me doing something "wrong"...
Only hours later I realized I had left the plastic protections on the poles tips!!!
Mr Prickly had a very good laugh at my reaction when I realized that!
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