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Vail Nickel Tour Worth More Than A Dime

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It's TRUE: He's back, however temporarily.

My ESA One friend Vail Snopro Ric Reiter, who left the Vail Ski & Ride school after more than 20 years to pursue his other great dream of flying folks around the country, is back at Vail for the better part of this season until his new piloting job starts up.

Yesterday, Ric gallantly offered my wife Monique and me his "Nickel Tour" of his favorite ski area. It was well worth more than a dime and so extensive we had no time for pix other than the ones from the view outside Belle's Camp.

We spent the day skiing, lift riding over and looking into most every part of Vail's vastness, stopping only to take a peek at the enormous Two Elk Lodge and to enjoy the special smoked chicken soup at Wildwood Smokehouse. Almost as tasty as the skiing.

The sunshine illuminated really great snow everywhere at Vail, and Ric delighted in showing it all off.

A big to Ric for leading a pair of Senior Citizens to parts of this huge ski area we'd never have gotten to on our own. I'm sure we'll be back to revisit slopes and bowls we enjoyed so much. It was great to have Ric stoop to our level on his free time, and he wouldn't even let me buy his lunch.

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Nice, looks like a nice day in Blue Sky Basin
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I had some wild rice soup at Two Elks that was amazing!!! Great story and TR. I'm heading up there right now.
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Wildwood has the best soup and food IMHO but getting a seat at prime lunch time never a guarantee.

Looked like you had a fun day. Can't wait to get there week of 1/26.
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There were even fewer people here yesterday ( less than 4000 on the mtn).
Today, though busier, still was only at about 8000 skiers. Went into Wildwood for lunch at 12:45, and walked in to find several completely open tables in the Smokehouse. Granted, it was only our 5th sunny day since Thanksgiving, and many were sitting out on the picnic tables outside.

Things just are not as crowded as in years past.
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I was there last week in a beautiful day like this and have to say, it's been a great season!
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