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Liners help please...

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I have a pair of Krypton Cross and it has been working well.

However, for the 1st time this year (my 2nd year on them), my feet/toes are getting cold, and with a bit of packed-out of the standard liner, it would be great if I can get back a bit more snug feel from a better liner. Hence am considering one of the Intuition / Zipfit / ???

However, I can't find a local bootfitter. I think I know more about boot fitting than the local place I bought the boot from last year

So would like to get some help / opinion -
a) Which liner would fit better?
b) I'll need to learn how to fit any of them myself, so wonder how

Thanks for the help!
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a) intuition = warmer, zip = more performance

b) both are fitted different, so find a liner and re-ask the question.
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Thx mntlion...

For the Intuition liner, is there any difference between the "silver liner" from Dalbello and the "generic" ones?

Wrt where to buy - I guess I can buy the Dabello version from the local store but if I can get it from one of the Epic boot fitters, I probably rather go that route - both for "moral" support + I am sure I'll get better real support/advice on what to do with it.
So, any suggestion on this front or should I PM the epic recommended folks ?
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this forum has a list of the bootfitters that post on it.

see if some is close to you (or you can doa trip to see them and make some turns too.
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well, thought I'll give my local shop one last chance and they blow it - basically totally not interested in talking about getting a liner for boot they sold me, even if I'm willing to order.

Will try the list of bootfitters on here for sure!
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