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Utah pick-a-ski

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Well, I'll be in Utah tomorrow. Hopefully! I just heard that the Charleston, WV airport had a fire.

It looks as if there isn't going to be any fresh snow in the forecast. Sunny skis. Packed powder at Snowbasin, Solitude, Alta, and Snowbird.

Which of these skis (one pair) would you take?

Karhu Team 100
Public Enemy
Dynastar Contact Limited ed.
K2 Recon
Dynastar Trouble maker
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which mountain are you going to ski? The Karhu has pretty good dimensions for western skiing, the PE is a decent all around ski
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We bought the Superpass. So, we can do any of the 4 resorts. Snowbasin, Solitude, Alta, Snowbird. I'm leaning toward Alta at the moment.

Some insider local info would help. From what I can gather with 'skier indexes' and snow base info. Alta looks the best. Not sure of the weekend crowds though. I've not skied there on a weekend.

The Karhu is the ski I WANT to take. I really don't think its the best choice at this time. I might have some difficulty manuevering this soft 100 width ski down steep, hard, moguled chutes. If the snow was going to be softer, there would be no question, and no need to ask.
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If you are going to be skiing mostly groomers take the contacts. If you are going to do a mix of ungroomed and on trail I think the PE should be perfect for this week.
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I had my PE's out there one year; handled plenty of snow. As long as the PE's aren't on the short side for you; I don't think you could go wrong.
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I would take the PEs. They will probably be your best bet. It looks like the temps may warm up a little in the afternoon so the snow should soften. The Recons would not be a bad choice either especially in the early morning hard pack. Ice is the only surface where the PEs don't do well.
I hate you don't get to take the Karhus. Have you gotten to ski them yet? They ski stiffer than you would think by flexing them.
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I was leaning toward the PE's myself. Its kind of hard to pay the $50 roundtrip airfare for a ski that cost $200 new.

The nod would go to the Contacts if I was doing mostly/all short radius turns on hard stuff. I really like the stiffer flex of this ski. Short and medium radius turns = Zoom!

I would go for the Recons, if I was going to Bomb the groomers. These are great for making racing type GS turns, working on the perfect carve. The soft flex isn't really that great for shorter turns, in stuff like steep, moguled chutes. I can force it to make shorter turns though. But the problem is... if you start stacking up the short, hard, turns on it, it takes a while for the spring to unwind. It is kind of like doing slalom turns in an old, soft sprung muscle car. You will be turning right, and it is still going left.

Sadly, I haven't used the Karhu's yet. I got them last Thursday, mounted them with some Jib's, even got the wide brake, 3 coats of race wax, brushed out...ready to go.
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Not to nitpick, but Snowbasin is not one of the 4 cottonwood areas.

BCC: Brighton, Solitude
LCC: Alta, Snowbird

Snowbasin is about 1 hour north of SLC.

Take the Karhu's. Why not? Sounds like you want to try them. If the conditions get too firm, rent a carver.
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Snowbasin might even have corn! I would take the Karhu's too.
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Opps. Gosh my brain must be shriveled. Wasn't going ther anyhow!

That would suck to show up and pull out the superpass. Duh.

Maybe a guide isn't a bad idea. heh.

To Karhu, or to Public Enemy...

Now that is the question.
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Rock the Karhu...that sounds great. I have the PE and find it does get chucked around some in cruddier snow. I like it for bumps and on piste, but like it less when the terrain becomes much more variable. The Cottonwoods are generally wide-open skiing and that makes the Karhu a great option. If you decide you really want to crush some bumps or some really tight spaces then just demo for a day or two. I've never seen anyone on this board complain about riding/trying new skis! Have a blast...I just got back from there...will go out again in 3 or 4 weeks...hopefully once there is more snow.
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