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The Essentials....

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As I getting back into the ski world and need to re-aquire some tools etc...what would consist of the essential tool kit today for general waxing and maintenance...(besides the obvious grandma's iron and an assortment of wax).
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plastic scrapers, brass brush, nylon brush, horse hair brush, gummi stones, diamond stones, maybe a side edge guide for the diamond stones
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all in one kits

I have seen several all in one kits (Dakine for example), but I am leery of paying for the name rather than for some quality tools...that being said, is/are the kits a way to go then?
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Good to hear you are getting back in the saddle.

For general tuning and waxing basics, the Tools4Boards kits cover the basics well. Having said that using a nicer, dedicated SVST side edge beveler with a 200 & 400 grit diamond provides a nicer feel and quicker results. Add a panzer file and multi-angled guide for side wall cutting and scraper sharpening (a T4B Razor or Xact work great for these taskes as well as edge work). You can always add more stuff after you get more experience over time and start seeing gaps in your kit.

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